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Changing Employees' Return to Work Schedules

This topic explains how to use HR Requests to change employees' gradual return to work schedules.

To change an employee's return to work schedule:

Create the HR Request Header

  1. Click Tell Me and Search for HR Requests. Select the page from the drop-down list.
    The HR Request List displays.
  2. From the Action Bar, click New.
    A new HR Request page displays.
  3. Either click directly into the HR Reason Code field to allow the number to automatically populate, or select the number series you wish to use from the No. field. 
  4. In the HR Reason Code field, select Change Gradual Return to Work.
  5. In the Effective Date field, select the employee's initial return to work date.
  6. In the Employee No. field, specify the employee number that corresponds to this HR Request.

Create the HR Request Body    

  1. On the Action Bar, click Action > Details.
  2. The HR Request – Leave page displays.
  3. Select the HR Position Code that currently has a Gradual Return to Work for your employee. 
    The top portion of the page will populate with the existing Gradual Return to Work plan. The Change Gradual Return Details section also populates with the current plan, and then edits can be made to the information. Only the information that is changing needs to be edited.
  4. For each change in the gradual return details:
    • In the Calculation Start Date field, specify the date when this gradual return to work step starts.
    • In the Cause of Inactivity Code field, specify the reason for the employee’s leave.
    • In the Active FTE field, specify a decimal value (between 0-1) that represents how much of a full-time position this employee will work on a return during this step. For example, .5 indicates that the employee will work at 50% of their FTE hours.
    • In the Leave FTE field, specify a decimal value (between 0-1) that represents how much the employee will remain on leave.
    • In the HR Pay Code field, specify the employee’s HR Pay Code while on this step of the gradual return to work process.
    • Complete the other fields as required.
  5. Click Close.
  6. Process the HR Request.
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