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Payroll Overview


The Payroll application is designed to be easy for you to use when processing normal tasks such as a payroll run and at the same time comprehensive and robust enough to handle a variety of different payroll conditions.

  • HR Payroll Admin role center
  • Able to integrate with any third-party payroll application. 

Accessing the Payroll Menu

To process payroll, you will need to log in to Sparkrock 365 using the HR Payroll Admin Role Center as follows:

  1. Access Sparkrock 365.
  2. From the Menu Bar, click the Settings Icon and then click My Settings.
    The Edit - My Settings page displays.
  3. In the Role Center field, choose HR Payroll Admin.
  4. Click OK.
    The Sparkrock 365 home page updates to display payroll-related Actions, Insights, Activities, and other useful links.
  5. Some of the available options from the Payroll Role Center include:
    • Payroll Document - opens a new payroll document for processing.
    • Payroll Journal - navigates to the Payroll Journal table.
    • Payroll Reports - navigates to the Payroll Report page, where you can generate a customizable payroll report.
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