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Validating the Applicant Tracking deployment

You need to validate that CRM, NAV, and Portal have been correctly set up and configured.

Validate CRM Installation

  1. Open CRM and make sure the ribbon contains the Applicant Tracking tiles.

Validate NAV to CRM integration

  1. In NAV, sync the three dimensions (Centre, Program, and Program Area) to CRM by selecting the appropriate CRM Dimension Map followed by the Enable on CRM check box.
  2. Validate that the dimensions and dimension values have been successfully synchronized to CRM.
  3. Create a Job Position and sync to CRM.
  4. Create a Qualification and sync to CRM.

Validate CRM

  1. Open the Job Position created from NAV.
  2. Add a Requisition and a Job posting.
  3. Ensure the Job Posting dates are valid and change the status to Published.

Validate Portal Deployment

  1. Open the portal.
  2. Create an account and login.
  3. Create a full Applicant Profile.
    Note: Ensure you add at least 1 of each sub record.
  4. Save the profile.
  5. Open the Job Posting from the portal and click Apply.
    Note: This is the Job Posting you created the section above Validate CRM (2 and 3).
  6. Select the Applicant Profile you created in step 3 and follow through the application process to submit.

Validate that CRM is sending email and workflows are running

  1. In CRM, follow through the application process all the way to Hire.
  2. Ensure emails are flowing through the various statuses.
  3. Ensure that the status changes are happening.

Validate CRM to NAV integration

  1. Open the Qualification you created.
    Note: this Qualification is the one you created in Validate NAV to CRM integration.
  2. Make a change to the Qualification description and Save.
  3. Ensure the Qualification changes to a status of Sync Successful and the description is reflected in NAV.
  4. Open the Job Application for the applicant that is ready for hire.
  5. Change the Integration status to Ready for Sync.
  6. Ensure sync completes successfully and that an HR Request record for the Job Application is created in NAV.
  7. Clean up the records created above.
    Note: This clean up refers to removing any data which you created during these steps that you do not want left in production.
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