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Configuration settings for Donor Management Payment Gateway add on

Creating payment accounts

You need to create payment accounts in order to get started with the Donor Management Payment Gateway Add On.
Note: Currently, the supported payment gateway provider is iATS.

  1. Open Dynamics CRM.
  2. Click on Advanced Find on the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  3. The Advanced Find will open. Under Look for, select Payment Accounts.
  4. Click Results in the ribbon.
  5. The Payment gateway supports the use of multiple payment accounts with users selecting which payment account to use when needed.
  6. To create a default/test account, click on New Payment Account.
  7. Call the account default and enter the account name and account password.
    Note: The test credentials provided by iATS are TEST88 and TEST88.
  8. Repeat the creation of the payment accounts for each account given to you by iATS that you would like to process payments through.
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