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Applicant Tracking Workflow

Applicant Tracking follows a repeatable pattern of key hiring activities enabled by the systematic organization of elements into an end-to-end talent acquisition process. These workflows are designed to encourage best practices that will help drive hiring activities forward, relieve bottlenecks, and identify the best candidate. 

Talent Acquisition Process

The talent acquisition process can be broken down into five key areas:

  • Requisitions
  • Job Postings 
  • Job Search & Application
  • Applicant Reviews & Interviews
  • Job Offers & Hiring

Each aspect of the process incorporates mechanisms to maintain a pattern of standard activities that will trigger updates and actions. This will not only improve the efficiency, but also save time for your hiring team as traditionally manual exercises become automated.  Also, by using applicant tracking, the communication and information sharing throughout the hiring process is automated.  This minimizes delays caused by the challenge created from members of different parts of your organization being involved in the hiring process. Triggers are a useful means of informing individuals that they need to take action based on completion of another task. This page gives you an overview of this pattern of standard activities.

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