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Applicant Tracking integrated cloud-based solution streamlines the talent acquisition process from setting up initial requisitions and job postings, to evaluating applications and scheduling candidate interviews, to extending offers and onboarding employees. For applicants our self-service portal provides an intuitive interface to manage profiles, review active job postings, and submit applications.

Key Features

Applicant Tracking can be divided into several areas of functionality that include the following:

  • Job Positions.
  • Requisitions Management.
  • Job Openings.
  • Job Postings.
  • Applicant Reviews & Interview Scheduling.
  • Job Offers & Onboarding.
  • Self-Service Portal.


  • Helps your organization manage and track each step in the hiring process to bring in the top talent.
  • Helps your organization manage each step in the hiring process from creating requisitions and job postings all the way to applicant screening and job offers.
  • Talent portal gives your applicants a self-service site manage their own profiles and find that perfect job.
  • Structured workflows encourage greater efficiency throughout the hiring practices with dashboards offering your leadership greater visibility into hiring trends.
  • A centralized view provides your HR teams and hiring managers with visibility into job postings and related applicant submissions for efficient screening and interview scheduling.
  • Automated notifications reduce typical bottlenecks as team members can be reminded of important actions that need to be taken.


Term Description
The purpose of this form is to establish a valid need for the new position, indicate that funding and space are available, and provide a source document for posting the Position.
Job Position A detailed summary of the duties specific to the individual employee and is generally used for budgeting and posting purposes.
Applicant An individual who has registered and provided a job application for a specific Position with demographic and other profile information).
Candidate An individual who has applied for a specific Position and has been vetted to advance forward through the Interview process.
Hire An individual who has successfully completed the interview process and has accepted the job offer.
Job Application A form submitted by an Applicant that indicates interest in a particular place of employment or Position within a company.
Job Opening A specific position that needs to be filled at an establishment, that requires a candidate to meet a certain set of requirements. 
Job Posting An advertisement created by an employer, his administrative or Human Resources, or a recruiter that alerts current employees or the public of an immediate or future Positions within a company. A Requisition can have multiple Job Postings.
Job Interview A meeting between an Applicant and a representative or representatives of a particular company to review the individual’s qualifications for a specific Position.
Activities An action to be performed, such as a task, or a communication item that is sent or received, for example, email, phone calls, and appointments.
Self-Service Portal A self-service interface that offers users with appropriate privileges filter and/or search on a set of Job Postings.
Media Costs An area associated to Requisitions that allow users to capture the Media Type and Costs for basic reporting.


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