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Requisition Management

An organization or team's need to fill a position is the driving force behind all hiring processes. A requisition clearly establishes a valid need for a new position and helps hiring managers and HR representatives in maintaining all details related to the position, and managing information and activities. Much of the hiring process is driven through the entities and activities that can be managed through the requisition. Users can perform the following actions in Applicant Tracking for requisitions that include:

  • Requisition Status.
  • Adding a Requisition.
  • Adding a Requisition from a Job Position.
  • Adding a Requisition from the Applicant Tracking Work Area.
  • Modifying a Requisition.
  • Deleting a Requisition.
  • Deactivating a Requisition.
  • Activating a Requisition.
  • Adding a Job Opening on a Requisition.
  • Adding Media Costs on a Requisition.
  • Adding a Position on a Requisition.
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