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Self-Service Portal

To improve the accuracy of the applicant data and reduce the time spent by HR representatives in collecting and organizing application, the portal offers a self-service interface for applicants to manage their own profiles, search on a set of Job Postings, and submit applications. Portals support a variety of functionality which include:

  • Existing applicant sign in.
  • New applicant registration.
  • Redeem invitation.
  • Manage the applicant's profile.
  • Add information.
  • Add profiles.
    • Applicant Profile
    • Qualifications
    • Employment History
    • References
  • View my active job applications.
  • Change password.
  • Change email.
  • Manage external authentication.
  • Search job postings.
  • Apply to a job posting.
  • Apply to a job posting from the Applicant Tracking work area.
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