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Recurring Donations


This release provides recurring payment functionality allowing for scheduled payments to be generated in the system.

On the Donation Gift form, you can choose the Gift Payment Term based upon the Donor’s preference. By selecting Recurring Payment the system will provide you with additional fields that allow you to control the payment scheduling and processing times. Please refer to table before for further reference.

Recurring Donation Fields
Field Definition
Recurring Payment Frequency Select the period for the payment (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
Recurring Payment Amount Identify the amount for each payment
Process Day of the Month Select the day in which the payment is processed (1-31). Applicable only to Recurring Payment Frequency of Type Monthly.
Process Day of the Week Select the day in which the payment is processed (Monday-Sunday). Applicable only to Recurring Payment Frequency of Type Weekly.
Recurring Payment Start Date Select the date when the first payment should be generated.
Recurring Payment End Date Select the date when the recurrence should stop generating payments.
Pause Payments Select this option if you would like to stop the payment generation for a period of time.


To setup the recurring batch process, navigate to Process Recurring Donations and create a single record. If no records are present, the job will not trigger. There should ever only be a single Process Recurring Donation Record as this record's deletion acts as the trigger for processing.

The system generates payments in a process that is triggered by a delete of the Process Recurring Donations record. To set this up at a schedule, click on Settings->Data Management.

Click on Bulk Record Deletion.


Click New to create a new batch job. Follow the wizard using the default settings. When you get to the Define Search Criteria page, select Process Recurring Donations under Look For. Click Next.

Give the batch job a name and select a scheduled time to run. It is recommended to run this job nightly to not miss any records and in the middle of the night to reduce performance impacts.

Note: The Job will create payments for recurring donations that fit within the start and end date time frames and are scheduled for tomorrow. Please note that certain time zone settings may cause the payments to not be created as they do not fit into the appropriate timeframe.

The Job will run according to your configured schedule. Upon completion of the job, a history record will be created. This record is of type Jobs – Recurring Donation Batch. The history record will be created each time the job is run.

In order to view the Recurring Donation Batches, go to the Microsoft Navigation Bar go to Donor Engage Setup and select Jobs – Recurring Donation Batches.

This will take you to the Active Jobs - Recurring Donation Batches list where you will be able to view the processed batches.

In the case where the process was unsuccessful or has failed you can select the job from the list. This will take you into the detail view where from the Batch Status dropdown select ‘Retry Processing’ and click ‘Save’. This will reinitialize the batch process.

Note: CRM Online has a processing timeout limitation. As such, it is recommended that recurring donations be spread out throughout the year if possible, especially if the process times out. 


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