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Constituent Merge

With Donations coming into organizations through various channels and from various sources, it’s quite common that duplicate Donor records are generated over time. This can result in challenges when tracking contributions from a single source, or identifying total donations when more than one Donor exists. Constituent Merge allows users to take two existing Donor records and aggregate the data into a single master record.

In a case where duplicate Donors are inadvertently created and you wish to merge two records, navigate to Donors from Navigation Bar, and select the Donor record that you want to become the master record. The master record will be the record that all data is drawn into during the merge process.

Select Master data record

After selecting the master data record, navigate to the Edit Menu at the top of the screen and select ‘…’. This will expand the list of options and allow you to pick ‘Start Dialog’ from the extended dropdown menu.

The ‘Look Up Record’ dialog will appear allowing you to select from ‘Merge Donors’ from the Process list. Once highlighted simply click the ‘Add’ button on the lower right of the dialog.

The Merge Donors dialog will then appear allowing you to choose the duplicate Donor record that you would like to merge into master record. By clicking on the Secondary Donor Record search field you can type in the name or select from the dropdown. Once you have found the duplicate Donor record in the list, click ‘Next’ in the bottom right of the dialog. You can complete the merge process by clicking ‘Finish’ on the dialog.

Returning to the master Donor record you can then see that all data from the secondary donor, including Donor Gift, Payments for Donor, and Donation Tax Receipts for Donor have been consolidated. The secondary Donor record is automatically set to inactive.

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