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Batch Print Receipting

Batch Print Receipting

provides you with the ability to select a set of individual receipts from one or multiple Donors and consolidate those receipts into a single PDF document. After the PDF document has been generated, the original receipts are still available under the Donor record, and will not be deleted unless done so by the user from the Donor record.

On the Microsoft Navigation Bar go to Donor Engage Setup and select ‘Batch Receipts’.

This will take you to the Batch Receipts list of all Batch Receipt records. To create a new record, click on the ‘+ New’ button in the top left of the toolbar.


Select the ‘Name’ field and add an appropriate title for the Batch Receipt record and click ‘Save’.

There are two options to add Receipts to the Batch Receipt record.

  1. Manual Search

In the case where you would like to consolidate a limited number of Receipts together, and you know the specific receipts, by selecting the ‘Search’ icon (magnifying glass) the user can find individual receipts.

  1. Advanced Find

On the Microsoft Navigation Bar you can select the Advanced Find and search for ‘Donation Tax Receipts’ from the dropdown options. You can select additional filter criteria (e.g. Created by) to further narrow your search. You can then click ‘Results’ to execute your search. Using the Advanced Find offers you greater flexibility in the search as multiple filters can be applied.


The system will generate a list of all receipts based upon your search criteria. You can highlight the receipts you want to consolidate into the single file and click ‘Edit’.

By selecting the ‘Batch Receipts’ dropdown you can choose the name of Batch Receipt record. You can then click the ‘Change’ button at the lower right of the dialog.

In order to view your consolidated Receipts, return to ‘Donor Engage Setup’ under the Microsoft Navigation Bar and select ‘Batch Receipts’.

The ‘Batch Receipts’ list will provide you with a list of all batch files. From the ‘Batch Receipts’ list, click on the name the record to drill into the detail page. Under the Notes tab a single PDF will appear containing the consolidated Receipts.

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