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Known Product Issues

A current list of outstanding issues with the Sparkrock solution.

Why are there known product issues?

Sparkrock personnel work hard to prevent product issues from reaching customers, and to resolve issues in a timely fashion when they are discovered. However, there are times when there may necessarily be a lag between discovery of an issue and a resolution. In such cases we will list significant pending issues here. Workarounds and/or potential resolutions are provided on an item by item basis, as available.



Task ID Description
CAS-13456-P5Q0 (Release 9.06 and 9.06 SP1) When running the EWA Load Standard Page Setup routine, two legacy web services (AEP User Delegates and AEP Profile Card) are loaded and need to be manually removed. 
4013 Incorrect results can occur when the Employee Center SharePoint server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV server are set to different time zones. Work with your IT team to ensure that the two server time zones match.



Task ID Description
3969 In Purchasing and Expenses, an error is generated when trying to calculate Quantity * Unit Cost when the result exceeds the system maximum size (technically, the size of Int32). This condition will not occur in normal use of the solution.
4432 When working in Purchase Request lines, the combination code is not being cleared. This makes the line invalid if the value in the combination code and defaulted G/L account is different.
4452 When working with approvals, adding or updating expense line changes the Alternate Manager to original value. This is an artifact of the way that approvers are calculated in Employee Center. Alternate Approvers should be set after all lines are completed. 
4465 Changing an expense type from "Location to Location" to a basic type may result in a negative quantity appearing. If this happens delete the line and then add it back as the basic type.
5123 /
When saving POs where an expense line has been updated, including a change to the expense type or dimensions, Employee Center can return an error message about a "parameterized query".  The work around is to delete the line and recreate it.
Applies to 9.06 SP1 and prior releases, resolved by 9.04 Service Pack 2. Please Contact Sparkrock support if you need this fix in a different version.

Deleting the most recently-created expense claim creates a mismatch within the system, because approvals with this number are still outstanding. 

To avoid this behavior, you should disable the deletion of Expense Claim documents through EWA pages by selecting the "Disable Delete" check box associated with the Expenses & Claims page.


In some rare cases, once a Purchase Invoice penny rounding is reconciled, the Statistics page's Difference field may be off by one penny. This is a rounding issue that displays only on this field and can be ignored. Ledger postings and the calculated and entered Total Incl. Tax and Tax Amount fields are correct.  

This is typically noticed when the Purchase & Payables Setup page's Adjust Penny Rounding is disabled, requiring the user to manually reconcile the tax difference. When Adjust Penny Rounding is enabled, the penny rounding is auto-reconcilled and Purchase Invoice subform totals update to the totals entered in the Purchase Invoice header.  So there is no reason to view the Statistics page. 

This issue cannot be resolved without disturbing current functionality.  To work around this issue, only reference the Difference field as a display field. 


Task ID Description
4664 Employees with the Blocked setting enabled on the HR Employee Card are still selectable in HR requests. 
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