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Product Hotfixes deployed to multi-tenant environments

The current version in the multi-tenant environments is version 9.06.

Currently deployed hotfixes

The following hotfixes are currently deployed to this environment: 

  • There are no current hotfix deployments.

Upcoming hotfixes

The following hotfixes are scheduled to be deployed to the Canadian environment on December 8th as part of a planned maintenance window:

Hofix code Associated cases Description
H278 CAS-13319 / CAS-13323 Updates to child care billing module.
H273 CAS-13385 Default G/L Account restored to the Customer page (accidentally removed in version 9.0.6).
H286 CAS-13339 / CAS-13455 Customer statement changes.
H307 CAS-13679 / CAS-13692 Fix to Copy Header for Pay Structures.
N/A N/A Apply cumulative updates to SharePoint servers.


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