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Upgrade Considerations

9.08 SP1

The following tables have been added in version 9.08 SP1:

  • 23032415: Time Entry Activity
  • 23032416: Time Entry User Group
  • 23032417: Time Entry Unit
  • 23032418: TE Unit Position
  • 23032419: TE Unit Position Activity
  • 23032420: TE Unit Approval Route
  • 23032421: Time Line
  • 23032422: Time Line Detail
  • 23032423: Time Approval Line
  • 23032424: Time Line Archive
  • 23032425: Time Line Detail Archive
  • 23032426: Time Entry Email Log



Your Project Manager needs to have your license regenerated and applied to your test and live environments.

Employee and Manager Self-Service

The Temp SaveAsPDF Path field on the Master EWA Setup page is no longer used.

Online Requisitions

The Empty Vendor Email field was added to the EWA Setup page to control whether or not clicking Print View from the Employee Center Purchase Requisition and Payment Requisition pages automatically populates the vendor's email address in the To field. 

The check box is disabled by default. If you want to omit the vendor email, this option should be enabled.

New Tables

The following tables have been added in this release:

  • Record Set Definition (8400)
  • Record Set Tree (8401)
  • Record Set Buffer (8402)
  • Option (23020165)
  • Option Value (23020166)
  • Option Value Buffer (23020167)
  • Option Set Buffer (23020170)
  • Picture (23020171)
  • ONE-T Payroll Deduction (23046130)




When you upgrade to this version:

  1. Our Finance Team needs to add Sparkrock Foundation granule to your license. Sparkrock Foundation holds all the new enhancements we did to the technical release process to make it much more faster and easier to use.
  2. Your Project Manager needs to have your license regenerated and applied to your test and live environments.


With this release we are introducing two add-on updates:

  1. The Frontline Absence & Time Entry Integration (previously AESOP) is now an add-on. In the past it was a separate module. You will need to have the add-on activated to use this feature.
  2. ONE-T HRIS Export is part of the ON K12 Benefits Integration add-on. If you have the add-on activated previously for the OTIP integrations, no additional steps are required.

Setup and Template Changes

  1. You must update your Budget Journal import templates to include two new dimensions.
  2. You must run Insert Other Standard Templates from Workflow Templates to add the newly released templates to the list.
  3. If you have modified the HR Reason Codes, HR Process Functions and/or HR Functions in any way, running Load Standard Data will overwrite those customizations.  In the case of customizations, the new setups for Mass Leave and Return will need to be manually entered.

Table Changes

Table 23020351 Schedule Reason Code was relocated to ID 23020700 in this release. The table at ID 23020351 should be removed before upgrading from version 9.06.

New Tables

The following tables have been added in release 9.07:

  • Item Attribute (7500)
  • Item Attribute Value (7501)
  • Item Attribute Translation (7502)
  • Item Attr. Value Translation (7503)
  • Item Attribute Value Selection (7504)
  • Item Attribute Value Mapping (7505)
  • Filter Item Attributes Buffer (7506)
  • Reminder Setup (23020153)
  • Reminder Log Entry (23020154)
  • Standard Budget Journal (23020155)
  • Standard Budget Journal Line (23020156)
  • Contract Type (23020160)
  • Contract Management Setup (23020161)
  • Contract (23020162)
  • Contract Attachments (23020163)
  • Schedule EC Absence Request (23020299)
  • AEP User Filter (23020425)
  • Picture (23020530)
  • Schedule Time Clock Entry (23020780)
  • Schedule TC Archive Entry (23020781)
  • Altus Emp. Portal User UPG (23022000)
  • HRIS Export Setup (23046100)
  • HRIS Export File Definition (23046101)
  • HRIS Export Buffer Entry (23046102)
  • HRIS Export Setup Definition (23046103)
  • HRIS Export Format String (23046104)
  • HRIS Export Exception (23046105)
  • HRIS Export Change Definition (23046106)
  • HRIS Export Change Entry (23046107)
  • HRIS Export Master Setup (23046108)
  • HRIS Export Buffer Line Number (23046109)
  • HRIS Export Archive Entry (23046110)
  • HRIS Export Archive File (23046111)
  • HRIS Export (23046112)

9.06 SP1

Consider the following when you upgrade to version 9.06SP1: 

  • If you have customized the standard check report, please make sure you do not have it replaced with the upgrade.
  • A Recurring Journal filter was added to General Journal Approval Workflow templates. This filter is also automatically applied to existing General Journal Approval workflows.
  • The Statutory Holiday Pay calculation replaces the existing Ontario Statutory Pay calculation.


Customers that upgrade to version 9.06 need to consider the following:

Employee Scheduling

Some objects have been renumbered, as a result a new license is needed for this area.

Web Services

A number of new Web Services have been added, please run the EWA Load Standard Page routine.


A number of new captions have been added, please run the EWA Load Captions ML routine.

New Tables

The following new database tables were introduced by version 9.06:

No. Name


Vendor Add-On


Data Per Database


Child Care Billing


Schedule Trade Request Entry


Schedule Time Clocking


Schedule Reason Code


OTIP Payroll Deductions


9.05 SP1

Customers that upgrade to this version need to consider the following:

  • Customers using Employee Scheduling and having issues with shift statuses after deleting shifts from the Payroll Journal need to run processing-only report 92001 to correct these statuses.
  • Customers configuring the integration between Applicant Tracking and Workforce on this release are required to have their license regenerated. This is to address the licensing error when setting up a password for the connection for the integration.
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