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Altus Dynamics NAV 2013

The Altus Dynamics NAV 2013 release is based functionally on the AD 3.9 release for NAV 2009 with some optimizations, granule re-structuring and discontinued granules. 

Release Numbering

  • New release numbering for 2013

       AD [NAV Version] [Release Version] [Service Pack Version]

  • First release will be AD 07.01.00

Functional Enhancements

This release includes the following enhancements, functional changes:

Dimension Combinations
  • Dimension Combinations have been modified to allow entering 50 characters code.
  • The functionality has been enhanced to allow users to use the dimension combination codes without G/L accounts on the various journals and documents where this is supported.
Dimension Validation Using Dimension Combinations
  • The configuration has been simplified by removing the need of determining error levels.

  • The validation supports dimension combinations with or without G/L accounts. It is recommended to use one or the other.
  • To enable the validation “Enable Dimension Combination Verification” needs to be checked. Users can then determine the type of documents where this validation should be done.
  • Finance Administrators can now configure the system to include only lines with Account Type = G/L Account in the validation by checking “Include G/L Acc. Lines Only”. This is useful in General Journal where users might want to have lines with Account Types = Bank Account, Customer Vendor.
  • The dimension combination validation if enabled is done on Release or Posting of the respective document. Errors can be viewed through “Document Warnings” from the ribbon.

  • General Journal users have the ability to filter the journal lines to display only the ones with errors and then to remove the filter when all issues have been corrected.

Validation can be configured to use Reporting Dimensions instead of Dimension Combinations.

Imports from Excel
  • The imports from Excel have been modified to support the changes in the dimension combination handling.
  • The updated templates are available for download from the client portal.     

NOTE: In case of errors with the import templates, please create a new file and copy the headers from the template. Start using the new file.

Commitment Entries

Commitment Entries for Purchase Orders are enabled through “Create Commitment Entries” in Purchase & Payables Setup. Individual G/L accounts can be excluded by checking “Disable Commitment Entries” on the G/L Account Card. If you are using Items, each item should be associated with “Commitments G/L Account”.

For clients that are using Altus Employee Portals Budget Verification, Purchase Request G/L Budgets and G/L Accounts’ Budget Category need to be configured.

NOTE: AEP Budget Verification Configuration is the same as in previous versions. Please see Discontinued Granules section for more information on the changes of Budget Verification within NAV.

Email Management

A new, simple emailing solution has been developed as part of Altus Foundation Pack. It supports, emailing EFT Remittance Advices, Purchase Orders, Posted Sales Invoices and Credit Memos. This feature uses SMTP and the email is triggered from the service tier server, not from the individual workstation. No additional software is required to use this functionality.

  • The configuration and the batch emailing options are available through Email Management.

  • Emailing EFT Remittance Advices is done through the Payment Journal.
  • Emailing individual documents (Purchase Orders, Posted Sales Invoices and Credit Memos) can be done from the document itself. The document page has fields to indicate the status of the emailing and the date.

To view these fields please use:

  • Email Log shows a history of the documents that have been sent.

In previous versions AltusSend and a PDF printer were prerequisites to email Remittance Advices. This is no longer needed.

Discontinued Granules

Altus Dynamics will be discontinuing the following granules in the 2013 release:

Tag Granule
AFM Altus Fund & Investment Management
AFM Altus Granting Management
ABV Altus Budget Verification (see Note)


  • AEP Budget Verification has been moved to Altus Base Portals
  • Commitment Entries (NAV) has been redesigned and moved to Altus Foundation Pack

Granules not Included in the Current Release

The following granules and functionality will be part of future releases:

Tag Granule Release
AHST Altus Health & Safety 07.01.00
AL Altus Labour Allocation 07.01.00
ACBM Altus Child Benefit Management 07.01.00
AHR Altus Employee & Location Scheduling 07.01.00
ADP Altus Document Pack 07.01.00
HRIS T4 and T4A 07.02.00
  FRC Support 07.02.00


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