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Maintenance Release 2013 (7.01 - SP1)


This release is a service pack release that is focused on providing corrections to issues uncovered since release 07.01.00.   The release also includes some functional enhancements and features. 

Altus Dynamics NAV

This release includes the following enhancements, functional changes, and hot fixes each listed with reference to the Task ID:

Removal of Altus Setup Checklist Functionality (2892)
  • Removed the Altus Setup Checklist functionality as this is no longer relevant in 2013 and will be replaced with Rapid Start Services packages in later releases. 
Jet Essentials objects included in release by default (2943)
  • Jet Essentials object included by default in product database.   This will eliminate the need to integrate object for each customer.
Chart Part Creation issue correction (2890)
  • Correction of error when trying to edit or create a new Generic Chart Part.
Departments Menu Corrections and Optimizations (2890)
  • Made “Financial Management” and “Setup” a Departments page.
HR Manager and Payroll Administrator Role Centers (2888)

Updated the HCM Role Centers to include some missing items that were available in 2009. 

Finance and Purchasing
Creation of Altus-Specific Role Centers (2888)
  • Created Role Center in the Altus range for ease of development and maintenance.
Replacing Role Center ID Role Center Name New Role Center ID New Role Center Name
9001 Accounting Manager 23020149 Accounting Supervisor RC
9002 AP Coordinator 23020150 Account Payable Clerk RC
9007 Purchasing Agent 23020151 Purchaser Role Centre
Chart of Account, added additional fields (2890)
  • Added Budget Category as a Column that can be shown.
Items and Commitment Issues Resolution and Optimization (2890)
  • Budget Category Code – Removed “Item G/L Account” field (no longer in use).   The G/L Account used for Budget Checking on items is now maintained on the item itself.  
  • Modified the solution so that if a Commitment G/L Account is not specified on the items, the user will no longer receive an error message when posting a purchase invoice linked to it. 
Correction of issues A/P Batches (3095, 2836)
  • Corrected issues with “Show Invoices for Single Posting” feature.
  • Correction of ability to drill down on certain “No. of Documents” fields on the A/P Batch Card and FactBox.
Accounting Manager Role Center (2890)
  • Added option to the Budget menu on the Role Center.  It was previously empty. 

Purchase Requests Issues (2890, 2837)
  • Correction of issue with ability to drill down on the “No. of Orders” field on Purchase Request FactBox.
  • Corrected and extended the Purchase History functionality.
FA Subclass issue resolution (2885)
  • Corrected issues with table relation.
Get Receipt Lines – Support for negative lines (2953)
  • Added support for negative receipt lines. 
Human Resources
Auto Insert Pay Control when a Rate is inserted (3135)
  • Added functionality that supports automatically adding a payroll control to the Employee Payroll Controls when a rate is added to the Employee Rates. 
Employee Deletion – correction of potential for orphaned records (3149)
  • Modified the deletion process to that if an employee record is deleted, records in related tables are also deleted. 
    • Employee Appraisals
    • HR Employee Tasks
    • Employee Unions
    • Employee Associations
  • NOTE:  Employees with Assignments that are not completely cancelled and/or Payroll Ledger Entries cannot be deleted. 
Overdue HR Tasks – Stack Added to HR Manager Role Center (3117)
  • A new “stack” has been added to the HR Manager Role Center to show overdue HR Tasks. 
Various Caption Corrections (2888)
  • Correction of errors within the captions of several fields in various areas of HR and Payroll.
Extra Withholding – Removal of unused fields (3134)
  • Removal of extra withholding fields from Page "Employee Tax Auth. Info".   Current best practice is to handle extra withholding as a rate. 
HR Employee Fact Box – Made calculation values drill downs (2956)
  • Integrated some of the calculated values fields as drill down fields. 
OECTA issue resolution (3015)
  • Corrected issues and calculations with OECTA integration based on customer feedback.
OMERS issue resolution (3050)
  • Corrected issues and calculations with OMERS integration based on customer feedback.
Position Activities Dimension Issues (2890)
  • Corrected an issue with Dimension 7 lookup and validation. 
HR Request Improvement with Defaults (2878)
  • Changed how defaults are populated in HR Requests for employee’s with active positions to avoid problems with inadvertent defaults. 
ROE corrections and improvements (2833)
  • Updated the ROE report to work with Pay Cycle for HR PLE vs. the Employee Card. 
  • Updated the ROE to use the Job Title from the latest position for each unique Employer Code represented in the termination.  This only applies if the employee is being terminated from multiple positions at the same time. 
Upgraded Total Days Taught Report to 2013 (2985)
  • Upgraded this report from Classic to RTC in 2013. 
Payroll Cheque and Payroll Check Stub Reprint issue resolution (2830)
  • Corrected discrepancies between the two reports so that both reports now print the same information in the same way. 
Added new Method Steps to payroll calculations (2732)
  • 2600 - Calculate YTD amount per Position
  • 2601 - Prorate Payroll Amount for Remaining Pays
  • 2501 - ADD Taxable Amount from BaseAmount using the date range from pay period
  • 2502 - ADD Taxable Amount from BaseTaxableAmount using the date range from pay period
Added Method Steps for Multi-Journal Tax Handling (3133)
  • 2503 – HRPosBaseAmountNONPosSpecPay
  • 2504 - HRPosBaseAmountNONPosSpecTax
  • 2604 - acBaseAmountOtherBatchPayAmt
  • 2605 - acBaseAmountOtherBatchTaxAmt (from Durham)
Payroll Calculation Issue (2927)
  • Corrected small issues with the Calculate Payroll All function where under some conditions the calculation would not function. 
Auto Insert Pay Control when a Rate created  

To have Payroll Control inserted automatically when you create a rate, you must first set up the payroll rate and then set up the rate on the Employee Card.

Rate Setup

  1. Open the Payroll Rate list in edit mode.
  2. On the appropriate Rate, specify the Payroll Control Code to be inserted for each employee who has this rate. 

Employee Rates

  1. Insert a new record in the Employee Rates table.
  2. Select the appropriate rate that has the Payroll Controls set up. 

NOTE: When a rate is selected on the Employee Rates page, the system will check to see if the employee has the Payroll Control and will add it if not.  It will also ensure it is Active. 

Altus Employee Portals

Altus Purchase/Payment/Expense Requests
Disable Page Features (Email, Delete, Edit) based on User Profile (2858)
  • Added new settings to the AEP Pages to allow control of Edit and Email features globally.
  • Added setting to the AEP Menu settings for an AEP Profile to support Disable Email, Delete, and Edit by profile. 

NAV Setup: AEP Pages

To manage the “Email” and “Delete” attributes of these pages globally:

  1. Open the AEP Pages setup in Edit Mode.  
  2. Place a checkmark in the “Disable Email” column to turn of the “Send by Email” link on the document header in AEP.  
  3. Place a checkmark in the “Disable Delete” column to turn off the “Delete” option on the document header in AEP. 

To manage the “Email”, “Delete” and “Edit” attributes of these pages globally:

  1. Open the AEP Profile.
  2. Open the Menu Control setup. 
  3. Place a checkmark in the “Disable Email” column to turn of the “Send by Email” link on the document header in AEP.  
  4. Place a checkmark in the “Disable Delete” column to turn off the “Delete” option on the document header in AEP. 
  5. Place a checkmark in the “Disable Edit” column to create view-only versions of the document in AEP. 

Employee/Manager Self Service
HR Rep Info by Location Code (2903)
  • Added HR Rep Information based on the Location Code attached to the assignment for the employee.
Attendance Approvals, Ability to View Attachments (2906)
  • Added the ability for manager to view attachments in My Attendance Approvals on AEP.  

Attendance Request Approval Email message Improvements (2906)
  • Improved text in approval or denial messages for attendance approvals.  
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