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Altus Employee Portals

Altus Purchase/Payment/Expense Requests

Purchasing Requests - disable email, deletion and edit (2858)

Administrators are now able to configure Altus Employee Portals to disable Send by E-Mail, Delete or the ability to edit pages for the following pages:

  • Purchase Request
  • Payment Request
  • Expense Request

The configuration needs to be done per page for the first two and by profile for the three pages.

Employee/Manager Self Service

My Attendance and Requests, attachment correction (2906)

The attachments in the attachment column were out of line with the rest of the table.  This has been corrected.  

Attendance Management - emailing responses to absence requests (2911)

When an attendance request is submitted for approval, managers now get notification by email. Once the request is approved or denied, the system sends emails to employees with the answers to their requests. In this particular case the system uses the email address from the HR Employee Card.  

Employee Location Code AEP (2903)

HR Representatives have been linked to Location Codes. When an employee is hired, the portal displays their HR representative for the respective Location.

HR Request Reassignment (3043)

HR Request Reassignment has been introduced for cases when hiring is essentially a location change for the employee within the same organization. Administrators can configure which parameters of the original position will be automatically transferred to the new one. 

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