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Functional Instructions

Auto PO Creation Scheduled Process (3164)

The Auto PO Creation functionality will automatically convert Purchase Request that meet the following criteria into a Purchase Order and email it to the vendor if there is an email address specified for the vendor.  The conditions are the following:

  1. The Purchase Request is fully approved
  2. The Purchase Request had a vendor specified for each line
AEP Setup

To set up the solution, search for “AEP Setup” and expand the Auto PO FastTab. 

  • Auto Email PO to Vendor – Place a checkmark in this field to enable the process.  

NOTE: The scheduled feature must also be set up in the Job Queue for this to work. 

  • Send PO Failure Email – Place a checkmark in this field if you would like an administrative user to be notified of any failures when the system attempts to email a PO. 
  • PL Failure Email – enter the email address where failure notices will be sent. 

Job Queue Setup

Ensure that appropriate service tier has been installed for the Job Queue.  Ensure that a Job Queue has been set up and is running on the appropriate service tier. 

NOTE: See Microsoft Dynamics NAV Documentation or Consult and Altus Technical Consultant for assistance with setting up a Service Tier or Job Queue appropriately. 

Job Queue Entry Setup

Search for “Job Queue Entry” in the search bar. 

Create a new entry with the following details:

  • Object Type to Run – Select “Codeunit”
  • Object ID to Run – Select “23020501” – this is the Auto Create PO Codeunit

In the Recurrence Fast Tab, enter the following:

  • Recurring Job – place a checkmark in this field
  • Run Monday – Sunday – select the desired days you would like the process to run.   Typically, all days would be selected. 
  • No. of Minutes between Run – enter the interval between which the process will run the Auto Create PO process.  This value would typically be something like 10 minutes but can vary between 1 minutes to several hours.  

Once the appropriate fields have been filled in, start the process by clicking on the “Set Status to Ready” button on the ribbon. 

No further action is required, the system will automatically create the Purchase Order and send an email for each of the requisitions that meet the appropriate requirements.  If the system encounters any errors, notifications will be sent to the email address specified in setup. 

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