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This release includes both new features, enhancements to existing features as well as corrections to issues reported and discovered.  


Highlights in this release include the following:

Financial Management and Purchasing
  • Enhancements to Journal Approvals to included Deposits
  • Enhancements and Optimizations to Cash Receipts
  • Ability to Archive Purchase Requests
  • Support for Multi-Year Commitments on a single Purchase Order
  • Purchase Request Type – Support for user defined different types of Purchase/Payment/Expense Requests
  • Purchase Request Line Type – Amount of Quantity type lines
  • Purchase Invoice View – Open Kwik Tag Document Image
 Human Resources and Payroll
  • HR Request Import Improvements with additional validation and optimization
  • Improvement to handling of multiple HR Request on the same day
  • Scheduling enhancements and integration to Attendance Requests
  • Scheduling enhancements and new features
  • Addition of a Scheduling Panel on AEP with all scheduling related links
  • Ability to print T4s on blank paper (no need for pre-printed forms)
  • Ability to view Tax Forms (T4) on Portal
  • Many Employee and Manager self-service usability enhancements
  • Attendance Request enhancements that support more controls over the display and behavior of requests. 
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