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Altus Dynamics NAV

This release includes the following enhancements, functional changes, and hot fixes each listed with reference to the Task ID:

General/Platform Updates

MS Hotfix Integration - Payment Journal, Suggest Lines Issues (3885)

The Suggest Lines function has been improved to bring in longer external document number values from the GL Entry Table or Cheque Ledger Entry table.

MS Hotfix Integration - Journal Register Issues (3890)

The print version of the Journal Register has been cleaned of blank lines and pages. Opening the Trial Balance from the G/L Register page has been fixed.

KwikTag – Integrate Updated Objects (3895)

KwikTag object in product have been updated to KwikTag version 5.3.3. 

Simcrest - Licensing Issue (3727)

Resolved an issue with licensing when Simcrest was not on client license.  

General Ledger

Altus Foundation Pack - Miscellaneous Enhancements and Corrections (3893)
  • The Copy document function has been fixed to copy Details, Dimensions, Altus Dimension Combinations and Amount
  • The Statistics calculation for Posted Purchase Invoices has been corrected to show accurate values
  • The Purchase Header Comments are now properly displaying on the Purchase Order Document (Report)
  • Purchase Order Archive process improvements
  • Deposit Report corrected to show correct totals
  • Bank Account Reconciliations, External Document No. overflow error has been corrected.
Dimension Value List, Dimension Combo List – Support searching by "Name" (3884)

The system now allows lookup by name when using autocomplete lookup for both Dimension Combination Code and Dimension Value.

Delete Invoiced PO's Issues (3824)

Report ID 499 has been corrected to address issues with deleting of invoiced Purchase Orders.

Cheque Reports 1401 and Length of Vendor Invoice No. Issue (#3892)

The Cheque Report has been fixed to accommodate Vendor Invoice Numbers exceeding 30 characters.

Vendor Card, SIN field (1284)

A SIN field has been added to the Vendor Card.   This is required for A/P T4A process. 

Sales Lines, Dimension Combination Code Issues (3499)

Dimensions were inconsistently displaying in the sales lines of sales invoices/orders/credit memos.

Commitment Entries - Requiring G/L Budget Name (3493)

Budget name has been removed from Commitment entries. Creating Commitments does not affect Purchase Request G/L Budgets any more.

Chart of Accounts - Actual to Budget Bar Chart (3574)

Two charts have been created and added to the Chart of Accounts page displaying the following information for each account:

  • Budget Commitments Balances (visible)
  • Net Change by Year (non-visible by default)
Purchase Order - PO Information Fact Box (3612)

A Purchase Order Information Fact Box has been added to the PO List and PO Card listing the following information:

  • No. of lines
  • Commitment lines
  • Receipts (to count the receipts for the PO)
  • Total excluding tax
  • Amount to be received
  • Amount to be invoiced
G/L Account FactBox (3613)

An account fact box has been added to G/L Account Card and Chart of Accounts, displaying statistics for the following:

  • Budget
  • Commitments
  • Actual
  • Budget available
  • Pre-commitments
Accounts Payable Coordinator Role Center Improvements (3614)

Two stacks have been added to the A/P coordinator role center:

  • Approved Payment Requests
  • Approved Expense Requests
Suggest Vendor Payments, Filer by A/P Batch (3617)

The Suggest Vendor Payments function has been modified to allow users to specify an A/P Batch Filter. When used only entries within the batch are brought into the payment journal.

Multi-Date Commitments (Multi-Year POs) (3633)

This functionality allows users to create purchase orders that cover multiple years. Each line now has a date that allows different commitment entries per date. For example, if we have a PO for three years’ worth of service, we would want to enter it as three lines with one line belonging to each year. When the PO is released, the system will create commitments for the appropriate year.

CIBC-80 EFT changes (3680)

The EFT format has been changed to comply with the CIBC specification.

Approved Request Stack – Prevent line deletion (3745)

This stack has been modified to prevent users form deleting lines when drill down through the Approved Requests stack. 

PO Roll Forward - Issues (3530)

The report has been renamed Commitment Roll Forward and new filtering has been introduced based on commitment entries dates.

Request Inbox – Location field length issue (3553)

On the Request Inbox Page the location description field has been increased to 50 characters.

Get Standard Journals and Dimensions Combinations issues (3607)

An issue was fixed where the “Save as Standard Journal” and “Get Standard Journals” omitted the dimension combination code.

Purchase Request Line Type (NAV) (3610)

Purchase requests are used in different ways and now clients can set up purchase request types such as orders, contracts, or other categorizations, for analysis and reporting purposes. To that end, in the Expense Type card in NAV, users can now choose between two types of request line: “quantity” and “amount”.

Purchase Request Archiving (3811)

A report has been created called Archive Purchase Requests to archive purchase, payment and expense requests with “closed” or “cancelled” statuses. Once the report is run, the original records of archived documents will be deleted from the production table.

 See Instructions section for setup and use instructions 

Purchase Request Analysis (Report 23020117) (3793)

Corrected and optimized layout of the report for better usability

General and Payment Journal Approvals Enhancements (3810)

Created functionality that allows a Journal Template to be set up to require approval for:

  • Deposits; before posting
  • Recurring General Journal; before posting

The above two templates are added to previous released General Journal and Payments.

New feature is added to allow Post Self Approval, which enable users to Approve and post their Approved Journals. If not selected under User Setup, users are only allowed to post journals approved by another user which creates segregation of duties control.

Cash Receipts Enhancements (3874)

Cash Receipt batch process was released on 7.02.01; some enhancements are recommended improves process and add segregation of duties controls on following areas:

  • Cash Receipt Batch List
  • Cash Receipt Batch Card
  • Cash Receipt List
  • Cash Receipt Card

Cash Receipt Batch List

  • Added “No. of Transferred to Deposits” and “No. of Cancelled Receipts” to the list
  • Added “Release“ on Ribbon – Home – Process Group
  • Added functionality to not allow adding cash receipts to batch once transferred to avoid having change the status back to open if a new receipt is added.
  • Added validation to not allow “Transfer to Deposit” unless released.

Cash Receipt Batch Card

  • Added “No. of Transferred to Deposits” and “No. of Cancelled Receipts” to card
  • Added “Release“ on Ribbon – Home – Process Group
  • Added functionality to not allow “Transfer to Deposit” unless released.

Cash Receipt Card

  • Added “Transferred to Deposit” on Header Status similar to Line Status
  • Turned off print from preview
  • Once printed/emailed; should not be editable (similar to delete control)
  • If Transferred should not be editable or change status

Accounts Receivable

Customer Default G/L Account (3809)
  • Added a Customer Default G/L Account field to the Customer card.  A user can define a default G/L Account on the Customer Card and when the line type of “G/L Account” is selected on the Sales Line, the account will be populated automatically. 


Multi-Date Commitments (Multi-Year POs) (3633)

Created support for a single PO to have multiple commitments dates.   This would typically be used for creating multi-year Purchase Orders where a single PO would need to create commitments for multiple years.  

Note: A processing only report has been created to populate Commitment Dates on existing Purchase Orders.  Report id is 96001 should be used by developers to populate historical dates for upgrades. 

Human Resources

Employee Name added to various HR Pages (3854)

The employee name has been added to various pages as well as the Employee No. in the following areas:

  • Overdue HR Task Page
  • Pending Attendance Approvals Page
  • HR Tasks Pending Review Page
  • Pending Attendance Approvals Page
"Active on Leave" Stat on FactBox for Position, Job and Employee Card.   (3609)

A new statistic called “Active on Leave” has been added to the FactBox that shows the number of employees with an “Active on Leave” status. This has been added to the following areas:

  • HR Position Card
  • HR Job Card
  • HR Employee Card.
HR Request Import Improvements (3638)

Usability has been improved by validating HR Request imports immediately and creating an exception file with errors.

HR Process Functions and HR Reason Codes Load Standard Data (3601)

A new Load Standard Data feature has been created for:

  • HR Request Processes Functions – one entry gets loaded for each of the process functions that are being used.
  • HR Reason Codes – one reason code has been created for each type to which standard process functions have been added.
HR Task - Review/Approved (3608)

The HR Tasks now support a status update of “Review/Approved” by HR.   This allows a user within the HR department to review HR Tasks that are completed for quality and completeness. 

The following fields have been added to the Employee HR Tasks:

  • Reviewed/Approved Boolean – user to place a checkmark once the entry has been reviewed/approved.
  • Reviewed/Approved User ID – shows the approver’s NAV user ID
  • Reviewed/Approved Date/Time – automatically completed upon approval.

A stack has been added to the HR Role center called HR Tasks Pending Review to count all the HR Tasks with status “Completed” that have not been reviewed.

HR Manager and Payroll Admin Role Center Updates (3634)

In the HR Manager Role Center, in the HR Ribbon, the following items have been added: HR Request Imports, CSB Export File Creation, Employee Type, Pay Structures, Time Entry Activities, Cause of Absence.

In the HR Manager Role Center, in the Reports Ribbon, the following items have been added: Seniority Report, Time Entry Analysis.

In Payroll Role Center, in the Reports Ribbon, the following items have been added: Garnishment Report, Public Sector Disclosure, Employee Transaction Detail, Employer Transaction Detail, Time Entry Analysis.

In both Role Centers, in the Reports Ribbon the following items can be added by the user: Social Security Review, Social Security Verification, Time Journal, Post Labor Burden.

Work Periods - Show on HRPLE Details (3658)

Work periods are now displayed in the details tab in HR Position Ledger Entry.

Appraisal Management cosmetic issues resolution (3841)

Corrected caption in Appraisal Plans, “Due from Employment Date” column.

Employee Time Attendance Balances – Issue resolution (3746)

The Employee Time/Attendance lookup on the Schedule Card was displaying inconsistent balances information which has now been fixed.

HR Request Import Enhancements (3045)

An issue was found relative to the dual use of the HR Request Import: one for assigning positions for hires and the other for putting employees on leave. More logic has been added to differentiate between the two HR Reason Codes “Hire” and “Details Change”.

Scheduling Panel on AEP (3878)

The following enhancements have been introduced for Employee Self-Service/Manager Self-Service portals:

  • Load Standard Data has been modified to include a panel for “Scheduling”
  • A new AEP Page Group called “Scheduling” has been created
Cause of Absence Code Enhancements (3878)

The Cause of Absence table now has the following additional settings:

  • Guidelines – additional text description
  • More information – hyperlink
  • Hide Quantity – Boolean to hide quantity for absences where this is calculated after the fact
  • Attachment required – Setting to require that the user attach an attachment.
Appraisal Plan Enhancements (3878)

The Appraisal Plan now has the following additional settings:

  • Guidelines – additional text description
  • More information – hyperlink

Position Management

HR Requests on the Same Day - Cancel Logic (3616)

When two HR Requests are submitted for the same employee on the same date for the following process types:

  • Termination
  • Termination and Re-hire
  • Assignment change
  • Details change

The source entry made by the first HR request gets cancelled when the second HR request is completed.

HR Request - Employee Rate Issues (3401)

When an HR Position is setup with a Rate Code, processing the HR Request would insert the rate code and default value to the employee rate table. Now the effective date is populated with the same date as the Calculation Start Date on the HR PLE created.

Training and Registration

Training and Reg. Misc. Issues (3851)

The lookup from HR Employee Card to Training and Registration is now showing the end training date.


Issue with Payroll Journal Import (Excel 2010 vs Excel 2013) (3666)

Importing Excel files into the Payroll Journal was producing an error which has now been fixed.

Tax Forms (T4) Storage for AEP (3894)

Tax Forms (T4) are now stored as PFD files in a table in NAV to be displayed on the AEP portal. A new report has been introduced to print a number on top of the T4 form image.

Allocation Posting Batches Issues (3738)

Attendance Management and Integration

Attendance Management and Integration Setup Correction (3728)

Added fields to the setup page that were in the table but missing from the page.  


Scheduling and Seniority Hours Enhancement (3603)
  • Support to Seniority Calculation option for Hours or Date based calculations
  • Employee card displays Seniority hours.
  • Employees are listed in the Employee/Position Select List based on the following sequence:
    • Position, Schedule Selection Priority
    • Employee’s Oriented for that Location
    • Seniority Date or hours (depending on the setting)
  • In the Schedule Template, the Replace a line function was introduced that allows users to replace an employee with another employee or position.
  • Schedule Enhancements:
    • In “Replace” the availability options have been extended to allow the user to search for availability by day or by day and time.
    • The Schedule has been enhanced with a Replace Line function similar to the replace line added to the Template.
Scheduling Integration with Attendance Request (3733)

Integrated Attendance requests and Scheduling: now a user can enter an attendance request over the portal and when it gets approved, it will create entries in the Scheduler. All shifts within the date range of the attendance request are marked so that those shifts can be replaced.   This process also creates an entry in a special location set up for vacations so that that employee is blocked for the entire duration of the vacation.

Scheduling General Enhancements and Issues (3815)


  • Functionality has been extended to support overnight shifts as a single line.
  • Copying a template into a blank template, even if the location is different.
  • Alignment of format and features for Insert Line (Insert Shifts) and Replace Lines.
  • Option to replace line into the future beyond the current schedule.
  • Ability to edit lists of shifts without having to open each one.
  • Ability to auto search and auto complete employee name selection on Schedule Line Insert
  • Addition of “Non-labour hours” to employee totals at bottom of schedule.
  • Added a button called “Current Period” to return users to the current period in the schedule.
  • In the Schedule and Template List Pages default the filter to “Active” and show location name on the list.
  • Add settings to the Schedule Setup Card to control validation errors and warnings
  • Menu and terminology changes in the Schedule and Schedule Detail.

Issue Resolution

  • When replacing an employee with the same employee all the lines were being deleted.
  • Phantom employee records appeared when sorting was changed (refresh issue)
  • Employee name changed in HR Employee Card did not change in Scheduler
Print Schedule Issue with Employee with two lines (3704)

Print of schedule failed to list all the lines when they were for the same position.  This has been corrected. 

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