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Altus Employee Portals

Purchase/Payment/Expense Requests

Purchase Request Type (3808)

A new setting called “Request type” has been added to the purchase request header to classify requests into different categories, such as orders or contracts for reporting and statistical purposes.

Purchase Request Line Type (3808)

A new setting called “Line Type” has been added to the purchase request header to classify line based on Amount of Quantity.   An expense type can be set up with a line type and the fields on the Purchase Request will change depending on the setup or the Expense Type. 

  • Quantity – The Quantity field will be display (previous way lines worked)
  • Amount – The Quantity line will be hidden and only a single Amount line will be displayed.  The system will populate this amount in the quantity field and the unit price will be “$1.00” in the tables and for receiving purposes. 
Purchase Request - New Vendor Required Fields Missing Issue (3780)

In the form for adding a new vendor the required fields were not properly marked with asterisks.

Purchase Invoice View

Kwik Tag viewing Purchase Invoice Doc on Portal (3423)

Purchase invoice documents that are tagged through Kwik Tag can now be viewed on the AEP Purchase Invoice View.  

Employee/Manager Self Service

Attendance Approvals Issues (3474)
  • Added back the ability for a manager to create an entry.
  • Added back the ability to export entries to Excel.
Scheduling Panel on Main Menu (3879)
  • A new panel called “Scheduling” has been introduced for the following pages:
    • Open shifts
    • My Work Availability
    • My Schedule
    • Location Schedule
Attendance Request Enhancements (3879)
  • Updated the Attendance Request balanced drop down to hide balanced with the “Hide Balances” setting was turned on for that Cause of Absence Code. 
  • Displayed “Guidelines” below the attendance type on the Attendance Request page. 
  • Added “More information” hyperlink just below the guidelines if one has been specified in the setup.
  • Added “From time” below “From date” and “To time” below “To date? When the Cause of Absence is set up to show these fields. 
  • Added support for hiding the Quantity if set up to do so in the Cause of Absence.
  • Added the requirement for an attachment to be attached is the setting in the Cause of Absence table is selected. 
ESS Enhancements (3879)
  • The Next Available Training link in My Qualifications has been corrected to link to the Training and Registration Page when available.
  • The “My Tasks” page has been updated to display only a “More Details” hyperlink and not show the entire hyperlink.  
MSS Enhancements (3879)
  • Added the ability to search and filter on the My Direct/Indirect Reports page.
  • If an employee is on leave then in My Direct/Indirect reports page a text saying “On Leave” will be shown after their name.
  • Employee’s pay information can now be hidden from the portal. The setting is called Hide Pay Information from MSS and is located in Altus HR Setup page on NAV.
  • In Direct Report Profile page, positions tab, the Assignment Title field shows the text “On Leave – AEP Leave Description” in red color.
  • The Amount field in Direct Report Profile page, positions tab, will not show an amount if Hide Pay Information from MSS in Altus HR Setup has been selected.
  • My Appraisals Due now include two new fields: Guidelines and More Information (hyperlink), as well as the ability to search and filter on each column.
My Tax Forms (2697)
  • A new menu item and page have been created in Employee Tools called “My Tax Forms”
  • Security validation similar to that of My Pay Stubs has been added to ensure an employee can see only their T4s.

Time Entry

Time Entry Portal Dimension Issues (3605)
  • Corrected a dimension validation error that happened even when the system auto filled dimension values.
  • Fixed an issue with default dimensions not coming in from the Position Activities List in NAV


Work Availability Issues (3632)
  • Improved the wording of an error message
  • Corrected an issue with the status of a period showing as “Open” when it was closed.
My Availability Enhancements (3603)
  • My Availability functionality has been modified so that there are no default dates when a line is created. 
  • The time picker has been updated to include a button for midnight. 
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