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Functional Instructions

Purchase Request Archiving (3811)

A new report has been created to archive purchase, payment and expense requests with a status of “cancelled” or “closed”. In the report, select the following:

  • Request type
  • Date filter

Once the report is run, the requests within the filter will be archived and deleted from the source tables.  There archived records will no longer be available on the portal for searching and lookup.

  1. In the upper section of the Page, select the desired Purchase Order. The lines for that PO will be display in the Get PO Lines Details section below
  2. In the Get PO Lines Details section maintain the Quantity to Receive to reflect the amount to be received and invoiced.  
  3. When ready to process the lines click on the Process Lines icon in the ribbon. 
  4. The Purchase Receipts will be created and the Get Receipts function will be run to insert the lines automatically into the invoice.   
  5. Continue processing and posting the invoice regularly. 
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