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Altus Dynamics NAV

This release includes the following enhancements, functional changes, and hot fixes each listed with reference to the Task ID:

General/Platform Updates

MS Hotfix Integration – Account Schedule (05627)

The Account Schedule report now prints Totaling Type of Underline or Double Underline in the North American version.

Emailing Functionality: Additional Attachments (05631)

The Altus emailing functionality has been enhanced to allow users to attach additional documents to the emails being sent.

Simcrest: Debit and Credit Columns (06135)

The code has been modified to differentiate between values in the debit and credit columns.

KwikTag Added to HR Pages (05791)

KwikTag is now added to the following pages: HR Employee Card and List, HR Position Card and List, HR Request Card and List, HR Position Ledger Entries.

Altus Base Portals

AEP Setup: Remove Redundant Actions (05506)
  • AEP User Card: Show Default Dimension Verification is now removed.
  • AEP Pages: Load Standard Data is now removed. The action can be performed from the setup page.
  • AEP Page Groups: Load Standard Data is now removed. The action can be performed from the setup page.
  • AEP Load Standard Page Data page link has been removed because of duplication. Users should use AEP Load Standard Page Setup.

Altus Purchase/Payment Requests

Update Request Approvers (05462)
  • The emails now list the purchase requests that have been reassigned.
  • Improvements in the text of the email.
  • The report updates requests with status Open or Pending Approval.
Mass Update Threshold Approvers (05479)
  • Selecting a dimension is now mandatory when running the report.
  • The report updates requests with status Open or Pending Approval.

Accounts Receivable

Additional Fields to Posted Documents (05330)

Dimensions three to eight are now added to Posted Sales Invoice and Posted Credit Memo lines.

Sales Document G/L Posting in Detail (05356)

Users can now choose to post sales invoices in GL with details by selecting Post in Details on Sales & Receivables Setup.

Document Pack: Layout Improvements (06132)

The layout of the following documents has been improved: Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo, and Customer Statement.

Altus Customer Statement with Aging (05825)

The aging at the bottom of the Altus Customer Statement Report is now working correctly.

Charitable Tax Receipt: Print to PDF (06172)

The page layout when printing to PDF is changed from A4 to Letter.

Accounts Payable

EFT Email Improvements (05946)
  • The Remittance Sent field is now being updated after each document is sent.
  • A new page EFT Email Sent Log now displays the EFT Remittance emails that have been sent. This information is also available by Vendor from the Vendor Card.
  • Users are now able to edit the email address on the Payment Journal line or change the status of the Remittance Sent field. This is done through the Edit Email action in the Electronic Payment group on the ribbon.
  • The PDF Remittance Archive Folder field on Purchase & Payables Setup can be used for specifying a path to a network location where copies of the remittance advices can be stored and accessed.
Payment Journal Reports (05912)

Payment Journal Pre-Cheque Test Report and Test Report are now displaying information as expected.

A/P Batch Filter (05723)

Standard NAV filters are now available on the "A/P Batches Processing" page. 

A/P Batch Report (05758, 05893, 06022)
  • The Batch Control Report has been modified and users are no longer experiencing a rendering error when running it.
  • The Batch Control Report now supports Vendor Invoice Nos. up to 35 characters.
  • Printing the Batch Control Report from Print Preview is now possible.
  • Printing the Batch Control Report to printer now uses Landscape format.
  • When users print the Batch Control Report from someone else’s batch no additional column is displayed.
Creating Invoices with CTRL+N in A/P Batches (05839)
  • Users can now use CTRL+N to add new invoices in other people’s batches.
  • When a user has two open A/P Batches with the same date and tries to create a new invoice using CTRL+N the invoice is now added to the current batch.
A/P Batch Performance (05964)

Modifications have been made to improve the performance of the A/P Batch pages.

Import Purchase Invoice Lines with Dimension Combinations (05328)

The import file now populates all the relevant fields from the template to the Purchase Invoice lines.

Additional Fields to Posted Documents (05330, 05355)
  • Vendor Invoice No., Order No., Pre-Assigned No. are now added to Posted Purchase Invoice.
  • Posting Description is now added to the Posted Purchase Invoice and Posted Credit Memo lists.
Payment Method on Purchase Credit Memo (05354)
  • “Bal. Acc.” condition from Payment Method Code lookup on Credit Memo is now removed.
  • Payment Method Code is populated on Credit Memos in the same way as in Purchase Invoice.
  • Payment Method Code is now copied when using the Copy Document function.
  • Payment Method Code is now available on Vendor Ledger Entry page.
Purchase Document G/L Posting in Detail (05356)

Users can now choose to post purchase documents in GL with details by selecting Post in Details on Purchase & Payables Setup.

Get PO Lines, Partial Invoicing (05846)
  • Users can now create a second invoice with partial quantity using the Get PO Lines functionality.
  • Users can now do partial receiving on more than one PO line and the quantity is properly transferred to the Purchase Invoice line.
Get Receipt Lines by Amount (05751)

Get receipt lines by amount is now pulling receipt lines up to the amount entered in the Total Inc. Tax input field of the Purchase Invoice header.

Sorting of Receipt Lines (05806)

When Purchase Order lines are received on stages, the system now sorts and groups Get Receipt Lines by Document No.

AEP Receipt – Vendor Invoice No. on Partially Invoiced Receipts (05808)

AEP Receipt process now does not expect a Vendor Invoice No. when posting a receipt from an order that has been already partially invoiced.


Purchase Request: PR Type (06181)
  • PR Type page is added to the menu.
  • PR Type field is now available on the Request header.
Changing a Vendor in the Request Card (05753)

Vendor name is refreshed upon changing the vendor no. on a request line and using the tab to move to another field.

Request Inbox: Do not Create Purchase Document from a Template (06112)

Added validation to prevent creating Purchase Documents when the document in the Request Inbox is Private or Public Template.

Commitment Entries Lines not Being Cleared (06171)

When a Purchase Order is invoiced through Purchase Invoice the commitment entries are now cleared from the Budget Commitments even though the amount of the commitment is zero.

Viewing Purchase Request from Archived Purchase Order History (06052)

Users are now able to view related Purchase Requests from Archived Purchase Order History.

Purchase Document: Test Reports (06188)

Totals are now displayed on reports “Purchase Document – Test” and “Altus Purchase Document Test”. The layouts are adjusted to eliminate the issue when totals were not shown in Preview mode.

Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders Report Enhancements (06184)

The report has been enhanced to follow the same logic used in Close PO action on the Purchase Order.

Closing Purchase Orders through Altus Employee Portals (05586)

Created functionality to support closing Purchase Orders through Altus Employee Portals.

See Instructions section for setup and use instructions 

Asset Management

Pipe Delimited Report: Thousands Separator (06142)

The thousands separator was removed from the number columns as per the specification of the Ministry of Education of Ontario.

Human Resources

Payroll Control Group on HR Request (05790)

Payroll Control Group is added to the HR Request Details page. The value defaults from the HR Position and can be edited or updated from the HR Request.

Employee and Location Names (05801)
  • Employee No. and Employee Name are now available on the Employee Qualifications page.
  • Location Name is now available on the Employee Location Training page.
Appraisal Management: Next Appraisal Code (05760)

Next Appraisal Code in Employee Appraisals is populated based on Next Appraisal Code in Appraisals when using Generate/Update Appraisals report. It works now when a user enters Employee Appraisal record manually.


Non-Working Days Calendar Source (05982)

A new setup field HR Calendar Source added to the Altus HR Setup enables Payroll Administrators to choose between using either the Non-Working Days calendar specified on the setup or the one assigned to the respective HR Position Card when running the Payroll Journal Pre-load.

Employee Payroll Controls Filters (05244)

Employee Payroll Controls page now displays only active payroll controls. This filter can be manually removed.

Payroll Distribute by Dimension (05360)

Distr. by Dimension is now working as expected in case of more than one HR Position Ledger Entry.

Payroll Cheque Ledger and Payroll Cheque Ledger Details with Allocation Posting Batch (06083)

Payroll Cheque Ledger and Payroll Cheque Ledger Details are now created when payroll journal is posted using allocation posting batch.

Future Dated Other Authority Records (05416)

When Benefit plans are configured, the user can enter a date formula which will be added to the employee's start date to establish the effective date of their benefits.  When payroll is then calculated and the effective date of the benefit is in the future the system now does not generate an error and cause the Calculation Status to be set to Incomplete.

HR Position Ledger Entry Filter to Attach Payroll Controls (06183)

Now when users add manually Payroll Controls to the employee though Attach Control Group they will be able to specify HR Position Ledger Entry No. to be used in relation to the position specific Payroll Controls.

Report Payroll Schedule, Excel Export (05350)

The Print to Excel option has been removed from the request page. The print to Excel can be done through the Print button.

Payroll Reports: Employee Count (05358)

Employee Count has been added at the end of Payroll Journal Test Report and Payroll Register.

Employee Absence: Payroll Processed Flag (05963)

When we have a Payroll Control that is set up to “Post as Absence” = Yes it is inserting an entry in Absence Registration. This entry is now marked in Absence Registration as Payroll Processed=Yes.

Location Scheduling

Schedule Card: Line Field Size (05434)

The field size of the Scheduled Card lines has been increased.

Replace Shift with Date/Time Availability for Overnight Shifts (05649)

Modified the “Show Availability by Date/Time” feature so that now the Employee/Position Select list displays entries when a list of available employees exists in the system.  

Employee Location Relationship and Rating (05391)

When an employee receives a training even when Date Trained in Employee Location Relationship is blank the employee shows as Oriented in Employee/Position Select. Being Oriented puts an employee at the top of the Employee/Position Select list.

Non-labor Hours into Payroll Journal (05302)

Non-labor hours when pulled into a Payroll Journal through Get Scheduled Entries are now with the same sign as the payroll control.

Posted Schedule Lines (05572)

Posted Schedule lines are now available on the Posted Sched. Line Details List page.

Location Scheduling Enhancements

Our Location Scheduling solution has been enhanced to support the entire lifecycle of the scheduling process including, availability tracking, available shifts with the ability for Employees to bid on a shift, integration with attendance management so that all shift for an employee who is going to be on holidays or unavailable are flagged to be filled, ability to publish, edit and approve schedules and time over the portal and integration back to payroll.

Project Tracking

Delete Dimension Value when Project Is Deleted (06173)

Users can now delete dimension values created from projects when the value is not used in any transactions and the project has been deleted.

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