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Altus Employee Portals


Delegation Management (05378, 05463)
  • Request Approver column on Delegation Management page on the Altus Employee Portals now displays the correct caption.
  • The Approved By delegate User Name and Number columns in the Request Approver table are now populated when a delegate approves a request on behalf of a delegator.
Expanding Left Menu (06323)

Left menu is now expanding from all pages.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis: Approved Requests (06237)

Approved Requests tab on the Financial Analysis portal has been enhanced to display information based on the status of the Purchase Request Lines and now includes lines with status = Approved, PO Created and PI Created. Lines from Private and Public Templates are excluded regardless of the status.

Purchase/Payment Requests

Error Message on Submit for Approval (06215)

Users can now submit a purchase/payment request for approval when no approver has been set up in Approval Threshold in NAV.

Budget Checking Warning (06306)

The "Insufficient Budget" warning on purchase/payment requests is now based on the extended cost, excluding recoverable taxes.

New Status in Purchase Request Approver (05613)

A new status has been added to Purchase Request Approver page. It is used for tracking unapproved cancelled requests.

Posting Date Update (06354)

Posting Date on purchase and payment requests is now updated when the user updates the Expected Receipt Date on a document.

Purchase Orders and Receiving

Closing Purchase Orders through Altus Employee Portals (06179)

Users can now request closing of a Purchase Order through Purchase Orders and Receiving when Quantity Invoiced is equal to Quantity Received and Quantity to Receive is greater than 0.

See Instructions section for setup and use instructions 

Employee/Manager Self Service

T4A Tax Form (05588)

Users can now see T4A forms under My Tax Forms on the Altus Employee Portals.

Note: You need to enter a value in NAV, Master AEP Setup, Temp SaveAsPDF Path.

My Paystub: Send by Email (05303)

Users are now able to send paystubs via email without receiving a permission error.

My Paystubs: View List (06105)

The references to the obsolete tables [Employee Pay Stub Header] and [Employee Pay Stub Detail] have been removed from the code.

Training Registration (05369)

Users are now able to request training registration without receiving an error.

Attendance Requests: Prevent Negative Balances (05397)

When Cause of Absence, Prevent Negative Balances = Yes, the users cannot enter a value in their Attendance Requests greater than the remaining quantity.

My Timesheets: Employer No. on Second and Subsequent Work Dates (06322)

Employer No. is now updated on timesheet lines when a user enters value on second or subsequent work date.


Location Scheduling Enhancements (05793, 06143)

Our Location Scheduling solution has been enhanced to support the entire lifecycle of the scheduling process including, availability tracking, available shifts with the ability for Employees to bid on a shift, integration with attendance management so that all shift for an employee who is going to be on holidays or unavailable are flagged to be filled, ability to publish, edit and approve schedules and time over the portal and integration back to payroll.

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