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Functional Instructions

Closing Purchase Orders through Altus Employee Portals (05586, 06179)

Created functionality that allows Altus Employee Portal users to request closing of a Purchase Order when:

  • Quantity Received Not Invoiced on the Purchase Order Lines is equal to 0 (Quantity Received equals to Quantity Invoiced), and
  • Quantity to Receive on the Purchase Order Lines is greater than 0 (the Purchase Order has not been fully received).
  • The Purchase Order is in status Released.    
Enable Purchase Order Closing

The AEP Administrator needs to enable and configure the Close PO functionality in the AEP Setup page.

  1. Search for AEP Setup.
  2. Go to PO Close Fast Tab.
  3. Click on Enable PO Close to enable the functionality that allows AEP Users to request closing of Purchase Orders.
  4. Click on Send PO Close Failure Email to enable an email notification if the closing PO process in NAV fails due to errors.
  5. Enter an email address in PO Close Failure Email of the individual who is going to be notified.

Enable PO Receiving and PO Closing by Profile

The AEP Administrator needs to update the relevant AEP Profiles to enable users to create AEP Receipts and to close Purchase Orders.

  1. Search for AEP Profiles.
  2. Choose Edit from the ribbon to edit/update a specific AEP Profile.
  3. Click on Allow PO Receiving to enable the AEP Users with this profile to create AEP Receipts.

  4. Click on Allow PO Close to enable the AEP Users with this profile to close Purchase Orders from Purchase Orders & Receiving.

Create Reason Codes for AEP Closing of a Purchase Order

The AEP or the Purchasing Administrator needs to create a list of reason codes to be used by the users when closing a Purchase Order.

  1. Search for AEP Reason Codes.
  2. Enter values in Code and Description.
  3. Check Use for PO Close if this reason code can be used as reason for closing a Purchase Order.
Request PO Close from Purchase Orders & Receiving

AEP Users that have been granted access to do so, can request a PO to be closed through the Altus Employee Portals.

  1. Log in to Altus Employee Portals.
  2. Go to Purchase Orders & Receiving.
  3. Search for the Purchase Order to be closed (hints: Status = Released, Receive Status = Not Received or Partially Received).
  4. View the Purchase Order.
  5. Request the closing of the Purchase Order by selecting Close PO.
  6. In the Dialog box that opens, select Reason for Close from the list of available values. Then Close PO.
  7. The request to close the Purchase Order will result in updating fields in Purchase Order Header that will be used by the AEP Close processes in NAV to identify the documents to be closed. These fields are also transferred to the Archived Purchase Order when the document is closed.

AEP Closing of Purchase Orders

Users can manually run a report that will close the Purchase Orders based on the request for closing submitted by AEP Users on the portal.

  1. Search for AEP PO Close Process.
  2. Enter filters if applicable.
  3. Click OK.
Enable the Automatic AEP Closing of Purchase Orders

To automate the process of closing Purchase Orders based on a request from an AEP Users, Job Queue Entries can be configured.

Note: NAS Server needs to be installed and functional for Job Queue Entries to work.

  1. Search for Job Queue Entries.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Object Type to Run – select Codeunit
    • Object ID to Run – enter 23020503
    • Enter a Description – for example: AEP PO Close Process
    • Enter value in Priority
    • Configure the Recurrence Fast Tab with the frequency of running the report
  4. On the ribbon, click on Set Status to Ready to activate the Job Queue.
  5. In case of errors when the automatic AEP Closing is run the system using the configuration in AEP Setup to determine whether and to whom to send an email with the exceptions.
  6. Exceptions can be viewed in AEP Close Exception List.



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