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Altus Dynamics NAV

This release includes the following enhancements, functional changes, and hot fixes each listed with reference to the Task ID:

General/Platform Updates

Dates on Imports from Excel (06779)

The dates imported into NAV 2013 R2 with the standard import templates are now the same as in the import file.

Dimension Validation for Lines with Same Dimensions (06977)

The process of validating dimension combinations is checking all combinations with same dimension values and different G/L Accounts to confirm if the set of dimensions on a line is in existence.

Post Self Approval Message on User Setup (06495)

In User Setup when doing the setup for another user and clicking on Post Self Approval, the message shows the User ID.

Altus Base Portals

Maximum Number of Attachments (06449)

HR Portal Attachment, AEP Attachment and Purchase Request Attachment have been modified to enable uploading more than ten attachments per document on Employee Web Apps.

General Ledger

Drill Down on Pre-Commitments (06860)

The size of certain fields have been modified to prevent users getting an error when drilling down on Pre-Commitments from the Chart of Accounts.

Altus Purchase/Payment Requests

Improved Performance on Requests (06868)

New keys have been added to the Purchase Request Line table that improve performance with huge volume of data for Purchase/Payment/Expense Requests.

Purchase Request: Add to PO Information Transfer (06762)

All the relevant information is now transferred from Purchase Requests to Purchase Orders when users use the action Add to PO on Purchase Request lines.

Purchase Requests: Add to PO Status Update (06472)

A function has been added that prevents the system from changing status on lines that are to be added to a Purchase Order when the respective Purchase Order is Reopened or Released again.

Misc. Purchase/Payment Requests (06217)
  • Approver Name has been added to the Approval Threshold page.
  • Set Blank Action To in Request Header is filtered by the possible options for the respective Request Type.
  • When a user posts an Item Journal generated from Purchase Request the status on the respective Purchase Request line is Completed.
  • When the status in the header of a request is manually changed, all line statuses are updated with the header status with the exception of the lines with status Cancelled.
  • Mass Update Threshold Approvers generates and error message if a value in the dimension filter is outside of the range of the dimensions assigned to Rename From Approver AEP User No..
  • PR Type has been added as a filter to the Request Inbox.
  • When a user opens a request from the Request Inbox the other open pages can still be edited.
New SMTP Settings (06344)
  • SMTP User ID, SMTP Password, SMTP Sender Email Address, and SMTP Sender Name have been added to the AEP Setup page.
  • Enable SSL for SOAP has been added to the Master AEP Setup page.

Accounts Payable

Configurable Standard Cheque Format (06697)                              

Altus Product now supports a standard Cheque Stub Cheque format when cheques are ordered from a “New Print” as a vendor. Users can configure if the cheque is preprinted or printed on a blank cheque paper.

MS Hotfix – Inconsistency Error on Purchase Invoice Posting after Tax Adjustment (06898)

The Microsoft hotfix for resolving the inconsistency error on purchase invoice posting, when taxes are manually adjusted on Statistics page is now available.

Statistics not Editable when Document Released (06938)

Users cannot modify taxes in Statistics for Purchase Invoice and Purchase Credit Memo after the document has been released.

Suggest Vendor Payments: A/P Batch Filter (07006)
  • A/P Batch Filter on Suggest Vendor Payments allows selecting a range of values.
  • Improved performance when using A/P Batch Filter for Suggest Vendor Payments.
A/P Batch Enhancements (06575)
  • Mark as Posted has been added to AP Batch List and AP Batch Processing Pages.
  • A horizontal line that separates each document has been added to the unposted Batch Control Report.
A/P Batch: CTRL N (06361)

Further enhancements in handling creating new purchase invoices using CTRL N in an A/P Batch.

Deleting Receipt Lines from Purchase Invoice (06586)

Explicit permissions have been added to table Purchase Line that allows clients that do not have the Purchase Receiving module to delete receipt lines from Purchase Invoice.

Creating a Purchase Invoice Line with Blank No. and Quantity (06748)

Users cannot release a Purchase Invoice if a line has a blank No. column and Quantity is populated.

Printing Cheques for Misc. Vendors (06761)

The cheque reports (10401, 10411, 23020103 and 23020139) have been modified to validate if Misc. Vendor Payments have been applied to an invoice.

Performance Improvements on Release of Purchase Invoice (06845)

The performance on Release of Purchase Invoices has been improved when handling a big number of users entering and releasing Purchase Invoices at the same time.


Detailed Commitment Ledger Entries (06521)

Users can now track the history of the commitment entries movement created through Purchase Orders.

External Comments on Purchase Orders (06785)

External Comments from Purchase Orders are now available on the print form.

Blank Qty to Receive as per Purchase & Payable Setup (06760)

When Default Qty. to Receive on Purchase & Payable Setup is set to Blank, Purchase Order lines created from Purchase Requests will have Qty. to Receive defaulting to blank.

Asset Management

FA Book Value 01 Report (06809)

The formatting in FA Book Value 01 report has been updated.

Human Resources

Appraisal Enhancements (06574)
  • Inserting appraisals manually does not generate renaming message.
  • With Advanced Position Management enabled: Terminate deletes all existing appraisals for the position(s).
  • Report Generate/Update Appraisals has been modified to calculate the actual hours on the appraisal based on the assignment start date of the active HR Position Ledger Entry for the employee.
No. of Employees on HR Position List (06917)

No. of Employees field on HR Position List is now linked to HR Position Ledger Entries.


Pay Rates on Pay Stubs (06501, 07025)

The Earnings section on the payroll cheque and cheque re-print has been enhanced to account for changes in pay rates that occur during a payroll cycle.

Integration to Parklane (06548)

Created a report that generates a file to be transmitted to Parklane that retrieves information based on changes in employee information and position(s) for a specified period of time.

Payroll Journal Test Report with Dimension Analysis (06887)

The Payroll Journal Test Report displays dimension values for the following options: Regular Test Report, Pre-Check Test Report.

Pay Period End Date on Manually Entered Payroll Journal Lines (06575)

When Payroll Journal line is manually entered, Pay Period End Date comes from the Default Pay Period on the header.

Misc. HR/Payroll (06344)
  • Page AEP Tax Form is now non-editable.
  • When Advanced Position Management is enabled Position Code and Original Position Code are not visible on the HR Employee Card.
  • Employee Card action from the ribbon on HR Position Ledger Entries opens the HR Employee Card.
  • Payroll Check Ledger entries are now sorted by Posting Date from newest to oldest.

Location Scheduling

Location Scheduling Enhancements (06609)
  • Pay Cycle Period on Get Schedule Entries in the Payroll Journal is now filtered based on the selection in the Pay Cycle Code and Term fields.
  • The lookup fields to HR Position Ledger Entries within Scheduling have been redirected to a new page that does not contain confidential payroll related information.
  • Insert Line feature has been added to Schedule Template.
  • The process of creating Schedule from Template has been modified to accommodate having different Pay Cycle Periods in the Template and the Schedule that is populated from the template.
  • Users can now schedule or manually run Supervisor shift approval reminders.
  • Users can now Validate multiple Schedules simultaneously.
Schedule Refresh (06952)

Users using NAV 2013 R2 can move from a Schedule period with no data to a period with data with the pages being properly refreshed.

Extended Dimension Handling (06981)
  • Extended the functionality in the Schedule Header Setup to support adding Shortcut Dimensions 3 to 8 as defaults in addition to Global Dimensions 1 and 2.
  • All eight dimensions are now transferred to the Payroll Journal.
Attendance Requests & Scheduling Integration Enhancements (06594)
  • The blocking lines created through Update Schedule are no longer part of the validation for overlapping shifts.
  • Create Schedule from Template checks if any shifts to be created cover a period that is scheduled for Absence in Absence Registration and if yes, these shifts are created as non-labor hours (NLH) with Replacement status = Pending.
  • On manual insert of a shift the system checks if any shifts to be created cover a period that is scheduled for Absence in Absence Registration and if yes, the user is requested to confirm if the new shift is a regular or non-labor hours (NLH) one. The non-labor hours (NLH) shift will have Replacement status = Pending.
  • When posting Schedule Entries in Payroll Journal when these entries are transferred to Absence Registration, the Update Schedule status will be set to True.

Time Entry

Deleting Time Entry from Payroll Journal Resets the Status on Time Entry (06693)

When users are deleting uposted time entry lines from Payroll Journal the status on the time entry lines is set back to Approved and “Transferred to Payroll” field is unchecked.

Project Tracking

Create Project Dimension Combination (06939)

Create Project Dimension Combination report has been modified to create dimension combinations when Project Status, Create Dimension Value has been checked for the respective status assigned to the project(s) and Dimension Validation Setup, Enable Dimension Combination has been checked.

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