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Employee Web Apps


SharePoint Version (07145)

Employee Web Apps are now supported on SharePoint 2013. Previous SharePoint versions are not supported with this version of product.


Telerik assemblies are updated to 2014.2.618.45. Required version of .Net Framework is 4.5.

Performance Enhancements (06319)

New data context class has been introduced to improve the performance of the application.

IE Browser Versions (06946)

IE10 currently has a critical issue: content on a web page may be lost when printing. The available workaround is to upgrade IE to version 11, or downgrade it to version 8 (not recommended).

Employee Web Apps has an issue with the scrollbar on pages when using IE11 with a certain update (KB3008923). Resolving the issue requires a redeployment.

SSL Support for SOAP

Employee Web Apps is now able to consume SSL-enabled SOAP web services. SSL-enabled SOAP is a way to enhance application security in cloud environment.

Improved Emailing Support

Employee Web Apps now works with SMTP servers on which some restrictions are applied (i.e., senders must be authenticated and sender’s email address must be the same as the “From” address).

Ability to Log Out when Accessing Web Apps via Link (07148)

Users can now log out when accessing Employee Web Apps via URL from email.

Maximum Number of Attachments (06585)

Users can now upload more than 10 attachments for HR Requests, Purchase, Payment, Expense Requests and AEP Receipts.

Purchase/Payment Requests

PR Type on Purchase Request List (06569)

PR Type has been added as a column to the Purchase Request List.

Show Guidelines on Expense Type List (07147)

Users are now able to see the guidelines on an Expense Type list.

Purchase Orders and Receiving

Submitting AEP Receipt (07146)

The application now recognizes that Quantity Receiving has been filled in on submission of a receipt.

Employee/Manager Self Service

Sorting Order on My Paystubs (06888)

The sorting on My Paystubs has been changed to sort by newest to oldest “Pay Date”.

Quantity Calculation on Attendance Requests

When Show Start and End Time on Cause of Absence is enabled and users enter start and end time the quantity is calculated as end time – start time x numbers of days.  It is recommended to check Hide Quantity on Attd. Req. together with Show Start and End Time.

Financial Management

Error Messages on Deposits (06997)

The error messages are now in red and easy to notice.


List of Employees when Creating a Shift

The employees listed have an active HR Position with Schedule Selection Priority <>0. Based on the active HR Position the system then populates the HR Position Code (if one position). If more than one position the HR Position list shows only the active positions for the employee as at this date.

Improved Usability to Create or Delete Shift
  • Users can now create shifts from a button on the top right corner of the View Location Schedule(s) page.
  • Users can now delete a shift from Edit Shift view.
Military Hours Format

Military hours format is no longer used on pages.

Non-labor Hours on Manage Shift Requests
  • NLH Shift column has been added to Manage Shift Requests to give visibility to Supervisors if this shift is a replacement as a result of absence.
  • Delete Original Shift is disabled when replacing NLH shifts.
Non-labor Hours on View Location Schedule(s)

Only Location Supervisors can now see NLH shifts on View Location Schedule(s). A NLH is a shift for which the Payroll Control Code is configured with Cause of Absence.

Status Update View Available Shifts

When a shift has been requested, the Request button is changed to Requested and is disabled and the color for the row(s) of the shifts requested will become blue.

Sorting Order Approve Location Timesheets

The sorting order on Approve Location Timesheets has been changed to Employee Name, Work Date and Start Time.

Filter by Location Trained

Users are now able to filter by Location Trained in Manage Shift Requests.

Time Filter Manage Shift Requests

Requests for a shift older than the beginning of the previous pay cycle as specified in Schedule Setup are not displayed on the list.

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