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The focus of this release is on providing updates in the following areas:

NAV 2015 Highlights

Office 365 Integration and Single Sign On

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides interoperability with Office 365, which enables customers to drill down, analyse, share and collaborate with peers. With new usability enhancements that make their solution easier and more familiar to use, customer will enjoy working seemingly and effortlessly across all applications. In NAV 2015 Microsoft continued to invest in the integration with Office 365 by creating the ability to sign into your Office 365 to use Word or Excel online but also providing the ability to access your NAV web client giving you full access to your financial data.

Enhanced Cues

Enhanced cues allow users to set their own indicators on the cues in their individual Role Center making them an affective dash boarding tool. Users can now easily see if an indicator is on track in accordance to the preset measure.

User Interface Element Removal

UI Element removals help users to see only the content to which they have access to. No more error messages or links to pages that are not part of the license or the individual’s set of permissions.

Simplified Page Design

New enhancements like indicating which are the mandatory fields on the page or auto-filling document numbers, make data entry easier than ever. Subtotals on pages give visibility into the total per document as data is entered, making the information accessible at a glance.

Rapid Start Implementation

The faster the upgrade the better and Rapid Start provides a set of standardized tools for your implementation partner to make this happen. For example, Rapid Start offers the possibility to map values from an existing ERP system into your NAV implementation during the migration of your data.

Deployment Flexibility

With new cloud deployment and Web Client capabilities Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 opens up new possibilities and opportunities for your organization. The shift to the Cloud is an opportunity to rethink traditional business models and strategies, a more virtual world creates opportunities for businesses that support both remote and mobile employees. It allows you to present your data anywhere, anytime. Apps for NAV are available for Apple OS, Windows Phone and Android for mobile or tablet users. Web Client can be accessed by almost any device or tablet which gives you the freedom to present your data on these devices anywhere your business may take you. NAV 2015 Web Client is a simplified version of Role Tailored client that allows more employees easy and secure access to relevant information.

Note: Altus Product is not supported on Web Client for this release.

Word Document Reporting

End Users can now modify reports using one of the most widely used business productivity products, Microsoft Word. Adding or removing fields, changing fonts or logos has never been easier. And even better, each ‘Company’ in NAV can have its own Company specific layout.

Report Scheduling

Get ahead of your deadlines. Enhance productivity by batch creating and scheduling reports to run on the server. This allows users to focus on a batch task, without needing to enter and exit the process at a specific time. Reports will be bundled in an inbox on the respective Role Center for easy review and monitoring.

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