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Employee Web Apps

The Altus Employee Portal has been rebranded and is now called Employee Web Apps. The new name is displaying on all pages and in all texts and messages generated by the application.


Multi-browser Support

Changes have been done to support certain pages on Safari.

Expense Requests

Corporate Credit Card Lines for Delegates (07234)

Delegates can now create and populate corporate credit card expense lines on behalf of the delegator.

Delegate Approver Email Link

Missing Delegation Entry No. in the URLs emailed were causing issues when delegates tried to approve on behalf of the delegator.

Purchase Orders and Receiving

Print View on Archived POs (07143)

"Print View" button for an archived PO no longer displays errors.

Receipt Status in NAV

When a user creates a receipt and does Save and Submit, both the receipt on the Web Apps and in NAV show "Submitted".

Purchase Invoice

KwikTag Integration

Hide "View Document" column on Purchase Invoice list and "View Document" button on Purchase Invoice when KwikTag is not configured.

Employee/Manager Self Service

Supervisors Creating Attendance Requests on Behalf of Employees (07258)

Supervisors can now create attendance requests on behalf of employees reporting to them without getting an error.

Manager Tools

Manager Tasks

The Manager Tasks page now does not display hours in addition to date in the date column.

Financial Management

Access Start Date Data Sets

Access Start Date needs to be populated for users to be able to see Financial Analysis Data Sets on Employee Web Apps.

Show Details Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis, Net Change Details now shows the values from “Details” when “Show Details” is checked.

  • When a user deletes a line or changes the amount on a line the change is now reflected on the page before it is reloaded.
  • Added a loading panel when populating dimensions on deposit lines to indicate that the system is calculating the possible dimension values.
  • The red box appearing on the screen when a user selects a dimension combination code is no longer appearing.


Shifts in View Available Shifts

The logic in View Available Shifts has been updated to display shifts corresponding to:

  • Line Type=Position and Status = Published
  • Line Type = Employee, Replacement Status = Pending, No Coverage Required = False and Status = Published
Sorting and Searching in View Available Shifts

Sorting and searching by Shift ID in View Available Shifts is now working as expected.

Hours Format in Confirm My Timesheets

Confirm My Timesheets no longer shows military hours.


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