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Maintenance Release 2015 (8.01 - SP1)


This release is an Altus version release that includes functional enhancements as well as corrections to issues found with existing features.  The focus of this release is on providing updates in the following areas:


This service pack provides hotfixes for Dynamics NAV only. It can be implemented with Web Apps 08.01.00 which is the main release version.

  • Ability to enter user defined email body text for electronic fund transfer
  • KwikTag objects for NAV 2015
  • Jet Reports objects for NAV 2015
  • Altus Asset Management support for Purchase Credit Memos

Altus Dynamics NAV

This release includes the following enhancements, functional changes, and hot fixes each listed with reference to the Task ID:

General/Platform Updates
KwikTag for NAV 2015 (07455)

KTDYN6.0.0 objects have been added to Altus Product. The HR/Payroll functionality released in 07.04 has been added as well.

Jet Reports for NAV 2015 (07463)

Jet Reports objects for NAV 2015 have been added to Altus Product.

Altus Base Portals
Redundant Message in Automation Codeunits (07518)

Redundant messages have been removed from the codeunits "AEP Purchase Receiving" and "AEP Deposit" used to schedule Job Queue through NAS.

EWA User Refresh (07272)

The EWA User page is now refreshed on open and edit.

General Ledger
Dimension Combination Code in G/L Entry (06300)

Dimension Combination Code has been added to the G/L Entries page. The value is populated on posting a line associated with a Dimension Combination Code.

Altus Purchase/Payment Requests
Request Approver (07273)

Users no longer receive errors on the Request Approver page.

Accounts Payable
User Defined Email Body Text for EFT (07285)

Users can now use report 23020108 in Email Setup to enter user defined email body text to be used when emailing Remittance Advices from Payment Journal.

Detailed Commitment Ledger Entries (07292)
  • Commitment Date on the entries generated from Purchase Invoice is now the same as the Commitment Date on the originating Purchase Order Line.
  • Closing PO action for Purchase Orders with partially received lines now generates the correct entries in Detailed Commitment Ledger Entries.
Dimension Change on Released Purchase Orders (07354)

Users now cannot change the dimension values on a released Purchase Order.

Vendor Statistics: Amount Received Not Invoiced (07355)

A new field “Amt. Rcd. Not Invoiced Excl. Tax (LCY) has been added to the Vendor Statistics FactBox accessible through Purchase Orders. This field is populated during receipt posting and shows the amount received not invoiced before taxes in local currency.

Note: the new field will not be populated for existing released documents.

Asset Management
Altus Asset Management Support for Purchase Credit Memos (06119)

Fixed Asset No. field has been added to Purchase Credit Memo pages. Users can now use the TCA Expense Posting option on the Fixed Asset page with credit documents.

Human Resources
Sorting Order HR Request List and HR Request Inbox (07291)

The sorting order on HR Request List and HR Request Inbox pages is now based on the HR Request No. from newest to oldest.

Dimension Control on HR Position and HR Request (07286)

When Enable Dimension Combination Validation in Dimension Validation Setup is True the dimension values on HR Position and HR Request are now editable and users can change individual dimension values. When clicking on the OK button the system validates if the new dimension values are part of a valid combination and if not generates an error message.

Qualifications: Show on Web Apps (07462)

Show on Web Apps field has been added to the Qualifications page.

Employer: Employer Details FactBox (07432)

The Employer Details FactBox has been modified to display different fields depending if the system was configured for Position Management or Advanced Position Management.

Preview Pay Cheque (07288)

Users no longer receive Pay Cheque Print Buffer error when trying to post Cheques from Payroll Journal.

Payroll Journal: Select Batch in Comparison Analysis (07114)

Customers that have numbers in their Journal Batch Name can now select previously used values in Comparison Analysis.

Public Salary Disclosure Report (07441)
  • Ability to use longer filters for Payroll Control Codes when running the report.
  • The Fringe Benefits column is using the correct sign now.
Canada Savings Bond Export (07441)

The Canada Savings Bond has an option to export from an open Journal Batch or from Posted Payroll Ledger Entries. The export process from open Journal Batch now supports multiple Payroll Control codes in the report filter.

Location Scheduling
Renaming Schedule Template (07283)

The data in a Schedule Template no longer disappears if the template gets renamed.

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