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New Names and Page Order for Employee Web Apps (07870)

The captions for the Web Apps pages and menu groups have been updated. As a result the corresponding page and field names within NAV have been updated to reflect the new terminology.

The table below shows the mapping between the existing and the new Page Groups and Pages.

Group Page Name New Group New Page Name
Administration Delegation Management Administration Delegate
Administration Notification Preferences Administration Notification
Employee Tools My Profile My Self Service Profile
Employee Tools My Paystubs My Self Service Pay Statements
Employee Tools My Attendance & Requests My Self Service Attendance & Requests
Employee Tools My Tasks My Self Service Tasks
Employee Tools My Qualifications My Self Service Qualifications
Employee Tools My Assigned Items My Self Service Assigned Items
Employee Tools My Timesheets My Self Service Timesheets
Employee Tools My Tax Forms My Self Service Tax Forms
Employee Tools Training & Registration My Self Service Training & Registration
Manager Tools My Direct/Indirect Reports Manager Self Service My Team
Manager Tools My Appraisals Manager Self Service Appraisals
Manager Tools My Attendance Approvals Manager Self Service Attendance Approvals
Manager Tools Manager Tasks Manager Self Service Tasks (Manager)
Employee Tools My Timesheet Approvals Manager Self Service Timesheet Approvals
Manager Tools HR Requests Manager Self Service HR Requisitions
Manager Tools HR Request Approvals Manager Self Service HR Req. Approvals
Request and Purchasing Purchase Requests Finance & Purchasing Purchase Requisitions
Request and Purchasing Request Approvals Finance & Purchasing Finance Approvals
Finance Financial Analysis Finance & Purchasing Financial Analysis
Request and Purchasing Expenses Requests Finance & Purchasing Expense Claims
Request and Purchasing Payment Requests Finance & Purchasing Payment Requests
Request and Purchasing Purchase Invoices Finance & Purchasing Purchase Invoices
Request and Purchasing Purchase Orders & Receiving Finance & Purchasing Purchase Orders & Receiving
Finance Deposits Finance & Purchasing Deposits
Scheduling View Available Shifts Scheduling Available Shifts
Scheduling Manage Change Requests Scheduling Change Requests
Scheduling View Location Schedule(s) Scheduling Location Schedules
Scheduling Approve Location Timesheet Scheduling Approve Schedule
Scheduling Manage Shift Requests Scheduling Shift Requests
Scheduling View My Schedule Scheduling My Schedule
Scheduling Confirm My Timesheet(s) Scheduling Confirm Schedule
Scheduling Manage My Availability Scheduling My Availability


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