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Altus Dynamics NAV

This release includes the following enhancements, functional changes, and hot fixes each listed with reference to the Task ID:

General/Platform Updates

Dimension Combination Validation by Dimension: Exact Match (08064)

This feature is an enhancement to the functionality introduced in 08.02 that allows users to choose dimensions to be validated by document type. A new Boolean "Exact Match" has been added. When checked the validation does not skip but considers the blank values. The validation is done only for the dimensions checked for validation.

Dimension Combination Updates with Blank Values (07897)

In situations where a dimension combination code has been selected on a line and then another value with shorter string has been selected, the blank values from the new string now overwrite the previous values. This is to support the requirement for dimension combination codes with various lengths.

Altus Base Portals

Delegation Entry (08270)

A new Boolean “Enable Delegation Type Entry” has been added to the EWA Setup page. It can be used only when “Enable Delegate Entry” is checked. The new field is to be used on Web Apps. When checked the Web Apps users will be able to modify which type of document and/or action they want to delegate, otherwise these will be greyed out. Please note that the Web Apps feature is not part of the current release.

General Ledger

Chart of Accounts: FactBox and Chart (07646)

The FactBox and Chart on the Chart of Accounts page now filter the values displayed as per the filter applied to the list.

Dimension Validation for Lines with Same Dimensions (08109)

The process of validating dimension combinations on General Journal is checking all combinations with same dimension values and different G/L Accounts to confirm if the set of dimensions on a line is in existence.

Reporting Dimensions Defaulting from Default Dimensions (07353)

Reporting Dimensions now default from Default Dimensions on Release of General Journal.

Altus Purchase Requisitions/Payment Requests

Location Code Filter EWA User and EWA Profile (08269)

A new filter “Location Code” has been added to the EWA User and EWA Profile. It is to be used on Web Apps for filtering the Location Code dropdown options on the Purchase and Payment Request detailed pages. The filter on EWA Profile is used if the filter on the EWA User is not configured. Please note that the Web Apps feature is not part of the current release.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable T4A (07979)

Ability to mark vendors as Accounts Payable T4A liable and have this flag transferred on the Purchase Invoice lines for this vendor. These lines can then be associated with T4A Code. Users with access can view and edit the T4A information on the Posted Purchase Invoice and Posted Credit Memo.

The system allows for:

  • Printing T4A reports.
  • Generating XML file for CRA.
  • Printing a review report for T4A by Vendor and T4A code.
Purchase Document Test Report (07658)

Tax captions have been added to the Purchase Document – Test Report.


Auto PO Creation by Amount Threshold (07746)

Added the ability to automatically create Purchase Orders from Purchase Requisitions based on set Threshold Amount.

Please see Instructions for more details.

Posting Receipt Date Purchase Receipts (07903)

Added a new field "Receipt Date" on the Purchase Order page. This field is used as a Posting Date for the Receipts posted directly from the Purchase Order. If not populated the system is using the Work Date as a Posting Date for the Receipt.

Commitment Entries (08008)
  • Commitment Entries and Detailed Commitment Ledger Entries are now properly updated when receipt lines from multiple Purchase Orders are pulled on a single Purchase Invoice.
  • A new report 23020237 “Mass Reopen Release PO” has been added to allow mass update of commitment entries by reopening and releasing again the already released Purchase Orders. It can be run only from the development environment.
  • A new report 23020238 “Adjusting Det. Comm. LE” has been added to allow clients upgrading from previous versions that want to use the Detailed Commitment Ledger functionality to add an open balance record in the detailed table. It can also be used by organizations who already implemented this functionality to analyze and if needed correct imbalances between Commitment Entries and Detailed Commitment Ledger Entries. The report can be run only from the development environment.
Commitment Entries and Line Discounts (08102)

The code has been modified to prevent creation of negative commitment entries on posting Purchase Invoice when line discount exists.

Renaming a field on Purchase Lines (08345)

The $ was removed from the Line Amount (Incl Tax Exp) field name on Purchase Lines, Posted Purchase Invoice and Posted Purchase Credit Memo lines to enable using Rapid Start Services to import into Purchase Lines.

Purchase Requisition Header Does Not Exists (08025)

Added code that prevents the “Purchase Requisition Header does not exists” error from appearing on posting of Purchase Invoice or Purchase Credit Memo.

Accounts Receivable

Customer Statement (08068)

Altus Customer Statement report is updated to display correct balances including changes in the alignment of the information.

Human Resources

HR Requests: Process Steps Update (08302)

HR Requests created from Web Apps do not create process steps. When a NAV user selects either Process All Steps or Process Individual Steps these steps get automatically inserted and processed.

HR Requests: Steps Processed by User (07794)

Added a new field to HR Requests “Steps Processed By User” that is populated with the name of the user that had launched the “Process All Steps” routine.

Attaching Payroll Controls to Employee (08052)

Attaching Payroll Controls to employee no longer displays “The Employee does not exists.” when no Payroll Control exists for the employee being processed.

Message on Cancel HR Position Ledger Entry with Type Budget (08110)

The message when cancelling HR Position Ledger Entry with type Budget has been changed to “Are you sure you wish to cancel this entry for the employee? It cannot be reversed.”

Most Current Records on Benefits FastTab (08114)

The functionality for displaying the most current records are now being displayed in the Employee Other Auth. Info in the Benefits FastTab has been enhanced.

Cancelling HR Position Ledger Entry with Entry No. of 0 (08128)

Cancelling HR Position Ledger Entry with entry no. of 0 no longer impacts the non-position specific Payroll Controls assigned to the employees.

New Date Fields on HR Employee Card (08216)

Three new fields have been added on the HR Employee Card: Continuous Service Date, Severance Credit Date, and Vacation Credit Date.

HR Budget Journal (08220)

The caption for Assignment Start Date has been corrected to Calculation Start Date.

Employee Union on HR Request and HR Position Ledger Entry (08262)

Union Code has been added to the HR Request and HR Position Ledger Entry. On the HR Request the value defaults from the HR Position and can be changed. On processing the HR Request the value is transferred to the newly created HR Position Ledger Entry.


Payroll Journal Validation with Batch Allocation (07874)

Extended the functionality for Payroll Journal Validation to support Payroll Journal Batch Validation.

Payroll Journal Validation EI Audit Function (07995)
  • Test if Net Pay is identified by Payroll Control Type being Net Pay.
  • Issue warning if no EI Audit exist for this employee.
  • Repeating for each EI Audit instance for an employee, a Warning if Payroll Amount or Taxable Amount are less than or equal to zero.
Voiding Cheque and Schedule Entry Details (08335)

Voiding a Payroll Cheque no longer impacts Schedule Entry Details.

Alternative Address Records for Payroll Cheque and T4/T4A (07792)

Added the ability to select Alternative Address records to be used for both Pay stub production as well as Payroll T4’s, and T4A’s.

Employer and Employee Information on Cheque Reprint (08196)

Company logo, employer and employee information have been added to the cheque reprint.

Multiple Absence Entries in Payroll Journal Preload (08219)

Absence entries when transferred to Payroll Journal through the Payroll Journal Preload are now summarized by Payroll Control Code.  A new table “Employee Absence Payroll Ref.” has been added to serve as a reference which lines have been grouped on the Payroll Journal. The table is updated on transfer to Payroll Journal, deletion of Payroll Journal lines or posting the journal.

Voiding Cheque Does not Populate HR Position and HR Position Ledger Entry in Payroll Ledger Entry (08381)

Voiding cheques now populates HR Position and HR Position Ledger Entry in Payroll Ledger Entry.

Location Scheduling

Deleting Header does not Delete Lines (08308)

Deleting Schedule and Schedule Template now deletes the lines associated with the respective header.

Add Employee Location Relationship Record (08268)

A new HR Process Function that creates Employee Location Relationship entry for new hires has been created. When used, it should be sequenced after the function for creating an employee.

Validation Log on Validate Schedule Lines (08288)

When users click on Validate on Schedule from the menu, the function no longer displays errors before displaying the validation error log.

Deleting Records and Scheduler (08361)
  • Prevented deleting Schedule Lines if Schedule Location Code or Employee No. or Date Filter are not specified.
  • Prevented insert/delete from page Non-valid Shifts Per Schedule.
  • Prevented deleting Schedule Lines on deleting Training Header.
  • Added missing normal fields to Posted Schedule Lines and Posted Sched Line Dets tables to match corresponding non-posted tables.
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