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Altus Dynamics NAV

NAV 2016 Highlights

Dynamics NAV 2016 is an exciting release with many new features and enhancements both in relation to interface, architecture and development tools. Below, we have highlighted some of the key new features of the release that are most applicable to our users.  

For more information, see What’s New: Application Change for Dynamics NAV 2016


Dynamics NAV 2016 comes with new workflow capabilities. These allow users to setup workflows that connect business process as well as automated tasks such as posting. There are out of the box scenarios for approvals, notifications and posting and further scenarios that can be put together to produce, for example, notification for approval and automatic posting of an invoice once all approvals are completed.  

The Altus General Journal approvals functionality has been change to use this new workflow capability. 

For more information, see Workflow.

Incoming Documents & OCR Service

Incoming Documents functionality introduced in NAV 2015 has been expanded to support integration with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service. At low volumes this services is available for free with paid options for higher volumes. Currently the service will extract basic information such Vendor, Invoice No. and total amount of the invoice.  

For more information, see  Incoming Documents.

Document Sending Profiles

This feature supports the ability to define preferred communication methods with Customers such as email or printed documents. Setting up these preferences save the users from selecting this preference each time a document is entered. 

For more information, see How to: Set Up Document Sending Profiles.


Deferrals is a very helpful feature that support posting of either deferred revenue or pre-paid expenses that need to recognized over multiple accounting periods.   The feature supports the setup of different deferral methods and applying these to either Purchase, Sale or General Journal transactions. When applied, entries are posted to the appropriate balance sheets account along with all the entries deferring or recognizing the amount across the number of periods specified in the plan.  

For more information, see Defer Revenues and Expenses.

Posting Preview

A new feature has been added to allow the users to preview what the posting of any transaction will look like before actually posting.  This is helpful in troubleshooting transactions or understanding complex posting such as those involving deferrals. 

For more information, see How to: Preview Posting Results.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 introduces a new and improved integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration provides an optimal and seamless experience in the lead-to-cash process for customers who are utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer engagement and Microsoft Dynamics NAV for order processing and financials.

For more information, see Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Web Client Enhancements

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Client includes numerous enhancements in this release including hiding and showing of columns, setting freeze panes, improved lookups, cross column search, data lookups, selection of company, language, region and time zone and work dates, multiple selection of lines,

General/Platform Updates 

Dynamics NAV 2016

Platform update to Dynamics NAV 2016.

KwikTag for NAV 2016

KwikTag objects for NAV 2016 are available with this release. The release does not include the HR link to KwikTag pages.

Altus Base Portals 

Dimension Caption Changes on Web Apps Settings (08958)

The following Web Apps related settings on the Dimensions page have been renamed to reflect the recent changes in terminology on Web Apps:

  • “Enable Purchase Requisition Dimensions” has been changed to “Enable on EWA”.
  • “EWA Required” has been changed to “Required on Fin Requests”.
  • “PR Hidden” has been changed to “Hidden on Fin Requests”.
Delegate Type Entry (09109)

A new Boolean “Enable Delegate Type Entry” has been added to the EWA Setup page. It can be used only when “Enable Delegate Entry” is not checked. The new field is to be used as a setting for the Delegation Management page on Web Apps.

Please see Instructions for more details.

General Ledger

Journal Approvals and Workflows

Altus Product Journal Approval functionality has been replaced with Workflows.

Standard Journals

Details, Dimension Combination Code and Dimensions have been added as fields on the Standard Journal.

Length of Customer Name on Cash Receipts (09236)

The length of the customer name field on Cash Receipts has been changed to match the length of the field on deposits.

Accounts Payable

Standard Cheque Updates (09075)

The alignment of the cheque portion has been moved with one row.

EFT Remittance File Name (08921)

EFT remittance file name now matches with the text in body of the email.


Request Attachments in Purchase Documents (09128)

Purchase documents now have links to Financial Requests attachments in one of applicable FactBoxes for a document.

User Setup Settings for Restricting View of Request Types (09160)

The settings for restricting the access to specific request types on the Request Inbox are now working as designed.

Detailed Commitment Entries without Commitment Date (08864)

Added business logic that populates Commitment Date to be the same as the Purchase Order Posting Date on creating Commitment entries if the Commitment Date on the line(s) is blank at the time of releasing the document.

Changing Line Status on Purchase Requisition Page (09036)

Status on a Purchase Requisition line can now be changed only when the existing status is Open, Pending Approval, Approved or Cancelled.

Auto Purchase Order Creation and Purchase Order Approval Workflow

Auto PO Creation process has been modified to work with Workflows. When a Purchase Orders Workflow is enabled, the process stops at creating a Purchase Order and does not continue with release and send email.

Hide/Display Fast Tabs on Purchase Order

FastTabs on the Purchase Order page can be hidden or displayed by using Shipping and Invoice Details actions from the ribbon.

Accounts Receivable

Logo Properties on Credit Memo (09235)

The logo properties on the Credit Memo print form have been updated to resize the logo for larger images.

Hide/Display Fast Tabs on Sales Invoice

FastTabs on the Sales Invoice page can be hidden or displayed by using Shipping and Invoice Details actions from the ribbon.


Human Resources

HR Request Web Service Update (08957)

Codeunit HRRequestAEP (2303220) used as a web service for integration between NAV and Web Apps has been updated to include logic that populates HR Process Steps when HR Reason Code is selected on an HR Requisition on Web Apps. The Web Apps functionality will be available in a future release.

Altus HR Setup Caption Changes (08958)

Captions and order of fields on the EWA Setup fasttab have been reorganized to reflect changes in terminology on Web Apps.

HR Request: Pay Structure, Grade and Step (09127)

The filtering on the HR Request for Pay Structure, Grade and Step was improved.

Blocked Field on Portal Change Entry (08880)

When Change Applied Date is blank the user is now able to click on Blocked. When Blocked is checked, the Change Applied Date and Change Applied By are updated and the line becomes non-editable with the exception of the Blocked field. If it is unchecked again, Change Applied Date and Change Applied By become blank.

Refresh on Pending Employee Changes Role Center Tile (08899)

The refresh functionality on Role Center Tiles when records are inserted from Web Apps has been improved. Users can now refresh the values on the tile by:

  • Reopening NAV.
  • Click on the tile, and then Refresh on the page that opens.
Variance for All Positions Stack (08936)

A new stack that shows the variance between the budgeted FTEs and the active FTEs has been added to the HR Manager Role Center.

Timesheet Print View

A print view has been added to the Timesheet Card.

Location Scheduling

Posted Schedule Lines and Payroll Journal Batch Allocation (08900)

When users use Payroll Journal with Batch Allocation the Schedule Entries are now moved to Posted Schedule Entries when the journal is posted.

Location Name Length in Schedule Report (09052)

Location Name length is the Schedule Report has been increased to 50 char to match the length of the field on the Location Card.

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