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Employee Web Apps

Introduction to Web Apps 2016 

We have begun a process of converting over the User Interface (UI) for our Web Apps solution from the legacy look and feel to a new design that takes into account better usability and updated interface. Specific pages are converted to the new user interface with each release. All other pages are fully available through the new menu and are presented in the current legacy look and feel.

Web Apps 2016 Page Changes 

A number of pages have been converted to the new user interface. Each page has been updated with substantial design and usability enhancements. With the current release the pages converted year to date to the new interface include:

Menu & Navigation 

Finance & Purchasing 

  • New login page
  • New menu structure
  • Updated authentication
  • Delegation Management
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Payment Requests
  • Finance Approval
  • Purchase Order & Receiving, including Purchase Order, excluding the Purchase Receipt page
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Financial Analysis

Employee Self Service 

Manager Self Service 

  • My Profile
  • Pay Stubs
  • Employee Tasks
  • My Team
  • Manager Tasks
  • HR Requisitions
  • HR Requisitions Approval


A number of new features are available with this release.

Delegation Management

New setting has been added to NAV that enhances the options the companies have how to configure the behavior of the page.

Users can now type the name of the user they are looking for to get a short list with names for people they can select as delegates.

Financial Analysis

Export to Excel has been enhanced to show dimensions in separate columns.

Users can now drill down to documents from links on the respective document no.

Purchase Requisitions & Payment Requests

Users can now configure on the Expense Type if the Purchaser Code for this type can be editable on Web Apps or not.

Location Scheduling

The release includes Location Scheduling performance improvements.

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