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Altus Dynamics NAV

General/Platform Updates 

KwikTag for NAV 2016 (09687)

KwikTag object updates for NAV 2016 are available with this release.

KwikTag on HR Pages (09382)

KwikTag support has been added to the following pages:

  • HR Employee
  • HR Position
  • HR Request
  • HR Position Ledger Entry
  • HR Request Inbox
FRC Update Finance Pages (09404)

The French Canadian captions on Finance pages have been updated to support the new Finance functionality added to the release.

Captions on Purchase Order Word Layout Report (09417)

The captions on the Purchase Order Word Layout report have been corrected.

Paste Rows in NAV (09604)

Paste Rows is now enabled on the journals that had it disabled by default.

Email Setup: Report ID Table Reference (09732)

Report ID Table Reference on the Email Setup page has been updated to refer to the new object table introduced by Microsoft.

Altus Base Portals

Load Standard Web Services (09640)

The Load Standard EWA Setup report has been enhanced to populate and enable the standard web services that are needed for Web Apps on the Web Services page in NAV.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable T4A (09308)

The Accounts Payable T4A functionality is now working as expected on the Vendor Card for legal entities. All the necessary fields have been added to the Company Information page and the XML file export has been improved.

Purchase Requisitions and Payment Request

Multicurrency Support for Purchase Requisitions and Payment Requests (08736)

New functionality has been added to enable multicurrency support on Web Apps for Purchase Requisitions and Payment Requests.

Expense Claims

Expense Claims 2016 (09457)

New functionality for Expense Claims has been introduced that includes but is not limited to: line attachments, policy warnings on line levels, expense comparison for duplicates, changes in the credit card import, the introduction of unassigned expenses.


Commitment Date on Adding a Request Line to Purchase Order (09514)

When adding a line to an existing Purchase Order from a Purchase Requisition, the commitment date is now populated with the work date.

Commitment Date Defaulting on Purchase Order Lines (09308)

The commitment date is now defaulting from the Purchase Order posting date unless the system date is later than that date, in which case the system date is used.

Human Resources

Absence Management (09610)

New functionality for Absence Management has been introduced that includes Attendance Plans, Entitlements and Carry Forward calculations, Sequence Balance calculations. Clients implementing this new functionality need to have their license regenerated.

Absence Confirmation (09610)

New process is now available that allows setting up and triggering notifications for employees to confirm their absence and for the managers to confirm the absence of the employees they are responsible for.

Altus HR Setup (09465)

Users can now update and save data using the Altus HR Setup page.

Pay Cycle Period Offset (09495)

Users can now configure offsets in number of days based on Pay Period End Date for other dates configured on the Pay Cycle Period.

Contact Email on Training and Registration (09513)

The Contact Email on the Training and Registration page is now coming from the Company Email associated with the Contact Employee not from the Email field as it was previously.


Sick and Holiday Hours on Pay Stubs (09345)

Sick and Holiday hours are now displayed on the Pay Stubs.

Attendance Management

Absence Incident: String Length (09605)

The length of the Absence Incident string has been reduced to 30.

Location Scheduling

Change Request Information (09401)

Schedule Change Request page is replaced with Schedule Shift Change page. Users can now see information in NAV on the schedule change requests initiated from Web Apps.

Fields on Posted Schedule Entries (09478)

The fields needed to provide Audit History on Posted Schedule Entries have been added to the page.

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