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Maintenance Release 2016 (9.02 - SP1)


This release is an Employee Web Apps service pack that includes functional enhancements and defect corrections for existing features.  Installation of this service pack is strongly recommended for all users of release 09.02.00. The focus of this release has been:

  • Expense Claims: Tax Override
  • Expense Claims: Usability Improvements
  • Purchase Invoice: Viewing KwikTag Documents
  • Correcting defects reported by customers

Employee Web Apps


A number of new features became available with this service pack.

Expenses & Claims

Tax Override on Expenses and Expense Claim Lines

It is now possible to override the calculated taxes on Expenses and Expense Claim Lines. Entry fields are provided in the “More” accordion. Use of these override fields is optional; if they are left blank, the taxes will be automatically calculated as per the selected Purchase Location on the line.

Insufficient Funds Warning

It is now possible to see Insufficient Funds warning on expense claims lines.

Warning on Split Line

Added a warning message on Split Line for corporate credit card expenses when amount is greater than original amount.

Purchase Invoice

Purchase Invoice: View Document (KwikTag Integration)

The View Document functionality is added to Purchase Invoice for organizations who are using KwikTag.

Defect Corrections

This service pack release includes the following additional enhancements, functional changes, and defect corrections—each listed with reference to the Task ID:

Expenses & Claims

In our previous release Expense Claims were converted to the new user interface with multiple improvements in the functionality. A number of defect corrections for these pages are included in this service pack:

Task ID Description
2397 Expense Claims: Handle a condition where expenses are configured to require manager approval, but one or more employees do not have an expense approver configured


Expense Claims: Budget was unnecessarily calculated without any combination codes selected


Expense Claims: Combination code with blank dimension gives error on Save under some conditions

2333 Expense Claims: Could not submit claims having credit lines with split amount
2312 Expense Claims: Data refresh and email notification issues when expense approval type is Manager


Expense Claims: Dimension Combination and G/L Account was not filtered based on claim requested by user


Expense Claims: Expense created by Delegate was not assigned to correct requestor


Expense Claims: Expense date could insert wrong date (one day greater than expected) on expense line

2602 Expense Claims: For Dimensions which are marked as Hidden on Financial Requests, the corresponding values were not inserted in Expense Lines in NAV
2401 Expense Claims: If claim contains Corporate Credit lines, remove those when converting to Public or Private Template
2340 Expense Claims: Refreshed Approver accordion on removing dimension combination code from expense line
2424 Expense Claims: Resolved error on selecting expense lines if more than 8 dimensions are defined in Dimension table


Expense Claims: Resolved error on uploading certain attachments


Expense Claims: Resolved refresh problems with Budget accordion

2305 Expense Claims: Unassigned expenses counter and select expense should be allowed based on requested user of the claim
2317 Expense Claims: Updated line status when changing header status
2406 Expense Claims: Use security filters on Claims Details and Print View
2309 Expense Claims: When there is no approver it should be auto approved on submit
2316 Expense Claims: When manager is approver, Approvers accordion was not populated (no info of Approval Date and Check box to indicate when approval happened)


Expense Claims: When there are no approvers, there were errors on the Approver accordion

2295 Expense performance issues
2307 Expense split line: When credit card line was split, the tax amount was not updated as per new amount
2398 Expense Type: Records were not filtered by GL Account filter
2522 Expenses: Personal Amount was not updating the expense type
2337 Expense Type: Purchase Location was not defaulted from Expense Type


Expenses: Copy Claim/Copy Expense: Open the details page when copied from an existing expense or claim


Expenses: Wrong column sequence in Expense 'dim comb' modal dialog

2637 Expenses: Show all required fields when mandatory dimensions are present
Other Changes
Task ID Description
1788 Absence Confirmation: Changes to properly display navigation context (menus and breadcrumbs) when opening a link received via email generated from NAV
2319 Absence Request: Quantity was not calculated based on date selected
2167 HR Request Details: Dimensions were not populating
2166 HR Request: No user name displayed with the EWA user number for an employee doing a request for delegate
2168 Finance Approval: The link received by the Approver's delegate opened the wrong page.


Purchase/Payment Request: Could fail to convert requisition to Public/Private template

2557 Purchase/Payment Request: Line Amount not calculated correctly under certain conditions
2425 Timesheets: In certain circumstances, dimension controls settings could prevent new timesheet lines from appearing in Web Apps
2357 Timesheets: TE Hidden and dimension values were not populating to the database
Known Third-Party Issues

The following issues have been reported in Employee Web Apps. These issues are caused by third-party software such as browsers or components. Workarounds and/or potential resolutions are provided on an item by item basis, as available.

Task ID Description
2585 Expense Claims: Problems with Print View on Microsoft Internet Explorer
For details and potential resolutions, see


Chrome: Potential browser freeze with drag-and-drop attachment from the upload (Open) dialog on Expense detail page if the pop-up file selection dialog is closed prematurely.

Workarounds: (1) Do not drag and drop files directly from the file selection (Open) dialog, instead, select the desired file in the dialog window and click the dialog’s Open button. (2) If you do opt to drag a file from the file selection (Open) dialog, do not dismiss that dialog until the green “Uploaded Successfully” pop-up message has been displayed on, and then removed from, the upper right corner of the browser window.


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