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Maintenance Release 2016 (9.02 - SP2)


This release is an Employee Web Apps service pack that includes functional enhancements and defect corrections for existing features. It includes all fixes and improvements that were previously releases in October as part of service pack 09.02 SP1. Installation of either service pack 09.02 SP1 or this service pack is strongly recommended for all users of release 09.02.00. This service pack is required for customers who take the NAV Entitlements Calculation hotfix (09971).

The focus of this release has been:

  • Expense Claims: Added an Approver Print View for use when paper-based Approvals are required
  • Purchase Requisitions: Added the ability to choose the vendor address when order addresses are present
  • Tasks: Adding attachments on complete has been implemented
  • Reports: Improvements to address quirks of different browsers
  • Correcting defects reported by customers

Employee Web Apps


A number of new features became available with this service pack.

Tasks (Employee)

Prompting for an attachment on task completion and saving the attachment to the task has been implemented.

Expenses & Claims

Employee Report

Claim Date has been added to the standard Expense Claim Print View.

 Approver Report

Once an expense claim has been submitted, an Approver View and Report becomes selectable in addition to the previously provided Employee View. The Approver View is provided for use when paper-based Approvals are required, and includes additional information relevant to the approver(s).

Purchase Location is hidden when ‘Hide All Tax Fields’ is selected

On expenses, the Purchase Location is no longer required, and is not displayed, when ‘Hide All Tax Fields’ is checked on the EWA Setup card in NAV.

Purchase Requisitions

Vendor Address

It is now possible to choose the vendor address even when order addresses are present for a vendor. Note that once a vendor has been selected, in order to change between vendor address and an order address the vendor should be removed from the purchase requisition and then added again, otherwise the line items may have the incorrect address.

Report enhancements

A number of changes and improvements have been made to the reports. This will make their output correct and consistent across the set of supported browsers.

  • Improved handling of different image sizes.
  • Improved handling of long text strings and/or embedded URLs.
  • Correct handling of multi-page reports.
Defect Corrections

This service pack release includes the following additional enhancements, functional changes, and defect corrections—each listed with reference to the Task ID:

The following defect were corrected since the 09.02 service pack 1 (SP1) release. They change the behavior of Web Apps in small but significant ways. For a list of changes made in 09.02 SP1, see the release notes for that version.

Task ID Description
2795 Expenses and Expense Claims Lines: Improved the handling and reporting of certain taxes which are stored as negative values in NAV.


Technical changes to prevent an error message related to Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.


Limited the absence description to 50 characters, which is the field limit in NAV.

2977 Expense Claim: In some circumstances, unchecking an expense would remove the incorrect element.
2990 Print Views: Improved handing of large and small logo sizes by fixing the logo size.
2991 Improved handling of property mismatches between Web Apps and NAV. This change allows Web Apps to continue working properly despite the addition of the NAV Entitlements Calculation hotfix (09971).
Known Third-Party Issues

The following issues have been reported in Employee Web Apps. These issues are caused by third-party software such as browsers or components. Workarounds and/or potential resolutions are provided on an item by item basis, as available.

Task ID Description


PDF attachment does not fully support XFA or AcroForm documents


Expense Claims: Problems with Print View on Microsoft Internet Explorer
For details and potential resolutions, see


Chrome: Potential browser freeze with drag-and-drop attachment from the upload (Open) dialog on Expense detail page if the pop-up file selection dialog is closed prematurely.

Workarounds: (1) Do not drag and drop files directly from the file selection (Open) dialog, instead, select the desired file in the dialog window and click the dialog’s Open button. (2) If you do opt to drag a file from the file selection (Open) dialog, do not dismiss that dialog until the green “Uploaded Successfully” pop-up message has been displayed on, and then removed from, the upper right corner of the browser window.


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