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Dynamics NAV

General/Platform Updates 

Microsoft Application Hotfixes (09995) 

A number of Microsoft hotfixes have been applied. For complete list, please refer to the end of this document. 

Number of Records in a Table (09852) 

A new page "Table Information" has been added to the menu. This page displays information about the tables and the number of records in these tables per company. 

KwikTag Update (10193) 

English Canadian captions have been updated on all KwikTag links on the various pages. 

Altus Base Portals 

Currency Available on Web Apps when Exchange Rates Configured (09356) 

Users can now select "Available on EWA" for a currency only when exchange rates are configured for this currency. 

New Captions to Translation on EWA Setup (10182) 

The new caption fields on EWA Setup related to Expense Claims are now available for translation. 

Refresh on EWA User (10259) 

The additional refresh on the EWA User page was removed to allow the page to be used as Web Service for the Notifications and Change Password pages on Web Apps. 

Load Standard Data: Web Services (10300) 

Two new pages have been added as web services to support Change Password and Notification pages on Web Apps: EWA User Card and Master EWA User Card. 

Note: Refreshing the web services will clear out any Web Services that you have added outside of Product. 

Accounts Receivable 

Cash Receipt Lines Not Linked to a Customer (09654) 

When non A/R line cash receipt line is transferred to a deposit, the Account Type now populates G/L Account and the Account No. is now the G/L account if associated with the dim combination selected on the cash receipt line. 

Accounts Payable 

Standard Check Printout (09740) 

The amount on the standard check no longer shows extra two digits when the last two digits are 00. 

AP Batch No on Vendor Ledger Entries (09956) 

AP Batch No. information is now transferred to Vendor Ledger Entries. 

Taxes Marked as Expense/Capitalize in Deferrals (09994) 

Expendable taxes are now part of the cost being distributed when deferrals are used. 

Purchase Requisitions and Payment Request 

Order Addresses and Request Inbox (09360) 

When a user is adding a Purchase Requisition line to an existing Purchase Order, the system will prevent the action if the Order Address on the Request Line is different from that on the Purchase Order. If a vendor on a Request Line has been updated, the Order Address field will be cleared. 

Expense Claims 

Reopen and Email - Payment Requests & Expense Claims (09959) 

Email links on emails generated from Reopen and Email for Payment Requests and Expense Claims are now working as expected. 

Email Body Text Reopen and Email Finance Requests (09983) 

The email body text on the emails generated from NAV for Reopen and Email on Finance request has been improved to be more in line with the format generated from Web Apps. 

Expense Claims: French Canadian Captions (10166) 

French Canadian Captions have been added for fields on Expense Claims pages that have not been previously translated. 

Expense Claims: Expendable Taxes to Unit Cost (09935) 
  • The expendable tax now is not added to the Unit Cost on Purchase Invoice when Tax Override is not used. 
  • The Tax Area Code now is not added to the Purchase Invoice lines when Tax Override is used. 
Claim Total to Purchase Invoice (10142) 

When an Expense Claim is converted to a Purchase Invoice, the Claims totals are transferred to the newly created Purchase Document(s). In that way Accounts Payable can easily identify rounding issues due to tax calculations and correct them. 

Expense Claims: Unit Cost and Tax Calculations (09996, 10142) 
  • Document Totals on Expense Claims are now showing correct totals when negative quantity is used on the lines. 
  • Purchase Invoice Unit Cost calculations have been improved. 
  • Tax calculations when negative line is part of an Expense Claim have been improved. 


Drill down to Posted Purchase Receipts (09842) 

The link to Posted Purchase Receipts on the Purchase Order factbox is now working as expected.  

Drill down on Request Attachments (10303) 

No. of Req. Attachments hyperlink on the Purchase Invoice factbox is now working as expected. 

Cash Management 

Bank Card (10097) 

E-pay Trans. Program Command has been added to the bank account card. 

Bank Export: TD 80 (10100) 

The import format has been updated to take Payor/Payee Name with Vendor Name and Originator Reference Number with the Vendor No. 

Bank Export: RBC 1464 (10150) 

The export routine has been updated to take the Data Center information from the Bank Account Card. 

Human Resources 

Pay Structure Increases (09668) 

The Pay Structure increase process was optimized for advanced position management. 

Move to Next Status on Mass Process of HR Requests (09733) 

The Batch Process HR Requests report was updated to allow the move to Next Status on the HR Requests together with the mass creation. 

Error on Termination Process Steps (09808) 
  • Processing an HR Request with type Termination no longer generates errors. 
  • The originating HR Position Ledger entry is now closed when the function for Close Position is used. 
Attachments in Appraisals (09492) 

Users can now upload attachments to Employee Appraisals from NAV. 

Caption and field changes (09545) 
  • Training Management: caption changed from "Intranet Access" to "Available on EWA". 
  • Dimensions: caption changed from "Required on Fin Requests" to "EWA Required". 
  • Cause of Inactivity: caption changed from "AEP Caption" to "EWA Caption". 
  • Expiry Date field has been added to Collective Agreement pages. 
Collective Agreement Management (09121) 

Multiple small improvements have been done to Collective Agreement and Grievances cards. 

Absence Management 

Prevent Negative Balances and Sequencing (09823) 

When Cause of Absence, Prevent Negative Balance is not checked, the sequencing calculation on Absence Requests now limits the amount based on available balance. When checked, an error line in red appears at the bottom of the sequencing that indicates that the request is over balance. 

Employer No on Absence Registration (09964) 

The Employer No on Absence Registration is now getting populated when an Absence Request is processed. 

Entitlements Calculation (09971) 
  • The system now allows Years of Service to be calculated, and thus Entitlement process to be run, at any time during the year. 
  • Employees with entitlements during the year, can have another one applied at any time. 
Attendance" Change YOS Amount Over” Field (10065) 

Changed “YOS Amount Over” field in the “Emp. Attend. Plan Entitlement” and "Attendance Plan Entitlement" tables from Integer to Decimal. 


Statutory Holiday Pay Calculation (09873) 

The Statutory Holiday Pay Calculation feature looks at a defined number of days prior to the Stat Holiday date and calculates the average number of hours worked then populates the Payroll Journal with those hours. When the calculation of earnings takes place, it multiplies hours times Hourly Rate and produces a stat pay. The employees that the calculation is designed for are typically hourly and posting hours per day (for example using Time Entry or Employee Scheduling).

Payroll Calculation (09761) 

Calculate Payroll is now working as expected. 

Record of Employment Updates (09876) 

Record of Employment Export updates have been done in relation to comments and payroll control type. 


Schedule 10 Report (10465) 

A Schedule 10 based on Jet Reports is now available to download from the client portal. The report produces data in Ministry format for Schedule 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10A, 10B. 

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