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List of Microsoft Application Hotfixes

We would like to keep our product up to date by applying relevant Microsoft application hotfixes to our solution. The table below will show the list of hotfixes that have been merged to the current release. 

Cumulative Update 4
ID Title Functional Area


Not able to type a user name in the User Setup table. 



"A call to System.Data.DataRow.Item failed with this message: Input string was not in a correct format" error message when you import data from Excel with RapidStart. 



The earliest start date in the job queue is calculated incorrectly. 



The VAT base amount is wrong on VAT entries posted from a sales order with line discount and deferrals. 



A selected column layout is not used when you print the Account Schedule report. 



The dimension set entry is not deleted after you remove a dimension value from the G/L budget entry. 



If a bank account is used as the account in the G/L journal and a customer is used as the balance account, the bank account number is displayed as customer number in the Apply Customer Entries window. 



When you use the Preview Posting function from a general journal with insufficient settings, G/L ledger entries are created but no G/L register and the posted general journal lines are not deleted. 



The Amount (LCY) and Remaining Amount (LCY) fields get different values after the Adjust Exch Rate process because of the new way we calculate the Amount (LCY) field on the Custer Ledger Entries and Vendor Ledger Entries pages. 



The Totaling field on the Account Schedule Line table is displayed as a Text Type field of 250 characters but the Printing function of the Account Schedule report does not support the length and generates an error if it exceeds 80 characters. 



"A transaction must be started before changes can be made to the database. Page Edit - Purchase Credit Memo xxx must close" error message if you use dimensions and invoice rounding in a credit memo. 



When you change the VAT amount in the purchase invoice statistic line, the VAT amount in the statistics header does not change unless the page is closed and reopened. 



The Copy Document function displays the wrong document in the new order when the user has previously changed sorting in the sales or purchase order list.


377411 If you select multiple issued reminders and use the Email function, only one email is sent containing all reminders in the PDF document. Sales
377489 "Another user has modified the record for this customer ..." error message when you create a customer account. Sales
377516 Different behavior on the same scenario for purchase and sales sides when you use dimensions and item charge. Sales
377920 The Customer Summary Aging report prints zero lines if you use multiple currencies. Sales


When you change the primary contact in a customer, other changes in the customer are deleted.

377953 The Reserve field is not validated in the sales header when you remove the relationship in the order number series. Sales


Wrong amounts will be posted to the revenue for prepaid entries if you post a service invoice created from a service contract using including VAT.


Cumulative Update 5
ID Title Functional Area
377329 Indirect permissions error with Change Log activated. Administration


The Purchase Order Approval workflow with the Approver Limit type set to First Qualified Approver does not create the expected approval request entries.


378073 If you print a check from the payment journal for more than one vendor, the address of the last vendor is shown incorrectly on all the pages. Cash Management
378126 The Start balance (LCY) field is not shown in the Bank Acc. - Detail Trial Balance report. Cash Management
377791 "User SID must have a value in User Personalization: User SID=XX. It cannot be zero or empty" error message when you create a new user personalization. Client
377912 Reimporting an Excel template with dimensions results in unpredicted behavior. Client
378043 General journal template is not filtered correctly in the General Journal – Test report. Finance


"It was not possible to post all of the journals. The journals that were not successfully posted are now marked" error message and no journal is marked.


378219 Permission issues when you delete customers. Finance
378065 Depreciation ending date is not printed on the Fixed Assets - List report when the Fiscal Year 365 Days value is set to True on the Depreciation Book Setup page. Fixed Assets
378000 The Vendor Item No. field on an item card is not considered when no cross reference is defined. Purchase
378141 If you validate the Posting Date field in a Purchase Invoice document which has a connected entry on the Incoming Document page, the imported dates are overwritten. Purchase
378302 The Qty. to Receive and Qty. to Invoice fields are incorrect on a drop shipment purchase order line after partial receipt and shipment postings. Purchase
377455 "Language code must have a value in Extended Text Header:" error message is displayed when you try to create an extended text where the language code is blank and the All Language Code value is set to false. Sales


"The Sales Invoice Header already exists. Identification fields and values" error message if you try to delete a sales document which is not posted yet if you use the same serial number for the invoices and posted invoices.


378280 The customer statistics does not consider Sales Line Type = Resource. Therefore, some fields are showing incorrect values. Sales
Cumulative Update 6
ID Title Functional Area
378602 The client crashes you when you use the Advanced button to select a page ID from the Web Services page. Client
378218 An archived version of a sales or purchase order is created even though the sales or purchase order was not posted due to a posting error. Sales
378270 "You do not have the following permissions on TableData Data Exch.: Insert" error message when you choose the Update Exchange Rate action. Administration
378298 "An attempt was made to change an old version of a Gen. Journal Line record. The record should first be reread from the database..." error message when you try to post a recurring journal with different descriptions. Finance


The Document No. field in journals does not get incremented by the Increment-by No. interval of the journal batches.


378464 "You cannot delete this bank account because there are one or more ledger entries associated with the bank account" error message when you try to delete a vendor bank account. Cash Management
378560 Although the status is released, you can add a new line between the original item line and a line for a service charge (G/L account). Sales
Cumulative Update 7
ID Title Functional Area
379087 Changes in user groups are not updated. Administration
378880 The Recipient Bank Account field should not be filled if you post a purchase invoice using a journal. Cash Management  
379119 The read permissions for G/L Entry and G/L Budget Entry tables are missing from the Update Analysis View codeunit. Client
378686 A wrong G/L account is used when you unapply a payment that has been posted with a payment discount, payment discount tolerance, or payment tolerance with a low amount. Finance
378789 There is a VAT entry missing after you use the Unapply functionality. Finance
378819 The VAT base amount is wrong on VAT entries posted from deferrals with a percentage other than 100. Finance
379074 The Date filter is set to a wrong value in an account schedule overview where cash flow accounts are being used. Finance
378831 Wrong G/L entries are created from a sales invoice with more than just one line with deferrals. Finance
378986 Wrong values are calculated when you post a prepayment invoice in a foreign currency. Finance
378709 The Sales Document - Test and Purchase Document - Test reports print the wrong exchange rate in the VAT Amount Specification section if you activate the Print VAT specification in the LCY field on the G/L Setup page. Finance


The amount in the posting description for the adjust exchange rate is wrong.


379245 If you drill down on a line that is set up as a formula on the Account Schedule Overview page, the formula should be shown instead of the Account Schedule Overview page. Finance


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