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Maintenance Release 2016 (9.03 - SP1)

This release is an Altus version release that includes functional enhancements as well as corrections to issues found with existing features. The focus of this release is on providing updates in the following areas: 


This service pack release contains one new feature:

  • Ability to send Purchase Requisition or Payment Request by email.
    This feature sends a copy of the printable report. Access it through the Print View. A new Send by Email button is located beside the Print button in the corresponding Print View.

This release also includes certain enhancements that were first delivered in version 09.02 SP2:

  • Expense Claims: Added an Approver Print View for use when paper-based Approvals are required
  • Purchase Requisitions: Added the ability to choose the vendor address when order addresses are present
  • Tasks: Adding attachments on complete has been implemented
  • Reports: Improvements to address quirks of different browsers

There are no NAV changes associated with this service pack.

Employee Self-Service (Web Apps)

Task ID Case Number Description
451 n/a Ability to send Purchase Requisition or Payment Request by email
3061 CAS-10383-V0C2

Purchase Requisition: Select the Vendor Address even when optional addresses are present.

Defect Corrections
Task ID Case Number Description
1264 n/a HR Requisition List: Selecting the status drop-down did not work in Google Chrome.
2884 n/a The "Error loading configurations" warning dialog no longer appears.
2997 CAS-10341-Z7T9 Payment details now resolving on invoice view.
3064 CAS-10392-S9W0
Change to the behaviour of the “Print PO” control on EWA Setup in NAV. "Payment Request" now always shows as "Payment Request" (no longer changes to say “Purchase Order”) even when this control is enabled.
3096 CAS-10448-V5M2 In certain cases, My Team could show information not based on the reporting hierarchy.
3228 CAS-10546-N5W6 Expense Claims: Delegation Issues with dimension filtering.
3229 CAS-10554-W5D0 When an ampersand is present in the vendor name, it was incorrectly displayed as an HTML code (“&”) in the Purchase Requisition list view.
3231 CAS-10550-T4V4 HR Request: Notifications: "Next Step" button does not appear on the progress bar control if the HR Reason Code was changed from the default value.
3297 CAS-10556-B0B4 Expense Claims: When the claim detail page was closed with an incomplete claim record, the Relational Exchange Rate or Exchange Rate could be zero. This could result in a Divide by Zero error that prevented loading the claim.
3298 CAS-10648-Z5K8 Expense Claims: When there are multiple approvers, the approval email contents could give inconsistent information regarding whether further approvals are required.
3306 CAS-10647-L6C9 Expense Claims: Mileage related claims sometimes calculated the wrong amount.
3307 CAS-10661-K9J0 Timesheet: Problems adding new time entry lines when a new position starts in the middle of a pay cycle.
3316 CAS-10348-B1C4 Supported making dimension D6 and D7 required on Finance Requests.
Known Third-Party Issues

The following issues have been reported in Employee Self-Service (Web Apps). Third-party software components such as browsers or plug-in components cause or contribute to these issues. Workarounds and/or potential resolutions are provided on an item-by-item basis, as available.

Task ID Description
2585 Expense Claims: Problems with Print View on Microsoft Internet Explorer
For details and potential resolutions, see

Chrome: Potential browser freeze with drag-and-drop attachment from the upload (Open) dialog on Expense detail page if the pop-up file selection dialog is closed prematurely.

Workarounds: (1) Do not drag and drop files directly from the file selection (Open) dialog, instead, select the desired file in the dialog window and click the dialog's Open button. (2) If you do opt to drag a file from the file selection (Open) dialog, do not dismiss that dialog until the green "Uploaded Successfully" pop-up message has been displayed on, and then removed from, the upper right corner of the browser window.

2891 PDF attachment does not fully support XFA or AcroForm documents.


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