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Maintenance Release 2016 (9.03—SP2)

This release is a maintenance release for the 09.03 (2016 V3) product version. The primary focus of this service pack is delivery of resolutions for defects in the Finance area of Employee Web Apps.


This release is an Employee Web Apps service pack. It includes functional enhancements and defect corrections for existing features. It includes all fixes and improvements that were previously released in the previous service pack, version 09.03 SP1.

NOTE: This service pack requires a NAV hotfix to enable access to approval validation (H095), see below.

The following changes are included in this release:

  • Expense Claims: Added Status to the Approver Print View.
  • Purchase Order & Receiving: Description shown on the list page.
  • Purchase, Payment, and Expense:
    • Allow attachments when status is Pending, Approved, In Progress (as well as Open, as previously supported).
    • Validate approval status updates to resolve sporadic consistency issues.

      NOTE: This change requires a NAV object update to expose the validation function (H095). A new codeunit, 23020500 AEP Purchase Request, is exposed as a Web Service for use by Employee WebApps.

  • Purchase and Payment: If approvers cannot be loaded, display a warning and prevent the Submit action.
  • Purchase Requisitions: Implemented order history for Expense lines.

Browser-related changes

  • Fixed an issue with a recent release of Google Chrome that prevented some attachments to Expenses.
  • Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer which caused a focus issue with Expenses that could incorrectly alter the Cost and Purchase Location fields.

Case Log

The following customer cases are associated with the changes listed above.

Case number (issue number) Case description
CAS-10368-B1R7 (70) Printing Expenses and Claims
CAS-10370-H6M0 (91) Request status issue
CAS-10669-H9F4 (63) Ability to see PO Posting Description on PO & R list
CAS-10695-C9F6 (113) Attach documents at any stage of the requisition
CAS-10696-F7L8 (114) Cannot identify PO from purchase request
CAS-11039-D7D8 (121) Missing Approvers


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