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Updates to Finance

These are the notable improvements to Manage Finance for this release.

General Journal

  • Post in Details for Sales and Purchase Invoices has been enhanced. When Post in Details is checked, each details line is now posted separately to General Journal Entries.
    Ref: CAS-10457-B1T2

Online Expense Claims

  • The property on the Online Requisitions tax setup fields on the Tax Area has been changed to allow for more than 2 digits after the decimal.
    Ref: CAS-10657-T1T0
  • Expense Claims: Added Status to the Approver Print View.

Online Requisitions

  • A new field "PR Type" has been added to the Expense Type. It is a lookup to the PR Types and relates to filtering Expense Types for Online Requisitions.
    Ref: CAS-10751-X1G5
  • Online Requisitions: Customers can now filter expense types on  based on the PR Type selected in the header of the document. This is controlled by a setting on the Expense Type.
  • Online Requisitions Approval: Made the Denial comment mandatory. 
  • Purchase Requisitions: Users can now create a new purchase requisition directly from the main menu, without opening the list page.
  • Purchase Order & Receiving: Added Posting Description to the Purchase Order & Receiving list and details pages.
  • Online Requisitions: A new codeunit 23020500 "AEP Purchase Request" has been created. It is used by to update statuses for Online Requisitions when processed through the Employee Center.
    Ref: CAS-10890-Z5Q8

Financial Analysis

  • Added three new columns to the Export to Excel feature: External Document No, Document Type, and Document Date.
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