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Updates to Workforce

These are the notable improvements to Manage Workforce for this release.

Payroll Administration

  • Users can now use Show Columns to display dimension values on Payroll Ledger Entries.
  • Ref: CAS-10458-X8Z1
  • HR Pending Payroll Action has been added to the Payroll Administration role center.
    Ref: CAS-09843-B0F6
  • ACA menu action group has been added the Employee List page.
    Ref: CAS-10543-M4N6

Benefit Management

  • Users can now configure and use our new OTIP Provincial Plan HRIS Interface integration to pass down benefits related information to OTIP.  
    Ref: CAS-10919-D9L2, CAS-09883-L9R8

Employee Management


  • Numerous usability improvements were made to Employee Qualifications, together with the new ability to mark qualifications as inactive. When you add a new entry to Employee Qualifications, any previous entries with the same Qualification Code will automatically be marked as inactive. Inactive qualifications are filtered out by default. This ensures that only current qualifications display. 
    Ref: CAS-10167-R1G3


  • The HR Position lookup on the Employee Appraisals is now looking that the HR Position Ledger Entries for the employee.

HR Requests and HR Employees

  • A new gender option "Gender not specified" has been added. 

Employee and Manager Self-Service


Inactive qualifications are not displayed on the Employee Center (WebApps) pages (My Self-Service Qualifications, and Manager Self-Service My Team).

The new Employee Center interface includes Filter tabs to let you focus on Qualifications which have expired, or which are about to expire, so that you can take action to renew them as necessary.

See Viewing Qualifications in Employee Self-Service for more details.


  • A new field "Total Score" has been added to Employee Appraisals.
    Ref: CAS-10682-D6D8
  • "Report to Position" has been added to Employee Appraisals. 
    Ref: CAS-10682-D6D8
  • The Employee Center (WebApps) page for Appraisals now has the modern look-and-feel. It includes several enhancements:
  • Includes the “Total Score” field.
  • Permits multiple attachments.

See Working with Appraisals in Manager Self-Service for more details.

Web Services for Qualifications and Appraisals

  • New Web Services have been added to the standard Web Services upload to be used for Qualifications and Appraisals pages on the Employee Center.
    Ref: CAS-10949-G1G3

HR Requisitions

  • Employee Center: When Payroll Country/Region is US, search and validation use Social Security Number (SSN) 

Change Requests

  • No. of Attachments has been added to the Portal Change Entry page to help users easily identify if attachments have been uploaded for the respective change request. 
    Ref: CAS-10412-L4G5

Task Management

  • No. of Attachments has been added to the Employee Tasks page to help users easily identify if an attachment has been uploaded for the respective task. 
    Ref: CAS-10413-S7L8
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