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Defects Corrected in Finance

This page summarizes the defects in Finance that have been resolved with this release.

Finance fixes : NAV

Case Number Description Resolution  
CAS-10257-Y1T1 AP Batch No on General Ledger Entries AP Batch No. information is now transferred to General Ledger Entries.    
CAS-10332-R2H7 Commitment Date Restore to PO Function Restore to PO for Credit Memos is now populating the commitment date to be the same as the original entry date.  
CAS-10508-B5L9 Payment Journal Name on Remittance Advice Code change on remittance advice to dynamically take the payment journal name instead of the hardcoded Payment.  
CAS-10524-Q4M9 Order No. on Purchase Invoice Lines when Get Receipt Lines is used Order No. is now populated on the Purchase Invoice Lines  when posting a Purchase Invoice using Get Receipt Line.      
CAS-10526-P5W5 Purchase Invoice Statistics: Warning Appearing when difference 0 Calculation of Sales Tax on Statistics and the amount of taxes entered in the Purchase Invoice Header has been different. Rounding has been added to address that and ensure the user does not get warning for tax difference when taxes are the same on the screen.  
CAS-10539-W5F7 Total Incl. Taxes on Purchase Invoice from Payment Request Total incl. Taxes on the Purchase Invoice is now populated automatically only when the invoice is generated from an Expense Claim.  
CAS-10571-N2X7 Unit Cost Expense Claims and Direct Unit Cost Excl. VAT Purchase Invoice The number of decimals on Purchase Invoice, Direct Unit Cost Excl. VAT is now matching the number of decimals on the Purchase Requisition or Payment Request.  
CAS-10601-J5K9 Customer Statement - Balance style statement Debit/Credit columns identical The Customer Statement now shows the correct signs and displaying totals in different views of the report.  
CAS-10796-V4Q5 Excel General Journal Import with Dimension Combination The General Journal import from Excel now validates the dimension combinations with the importing of the data.  
CAS-10829-Q6S7 Export AP T4A to XML Minimum Amount filter has been added to the XML export to meet the CRA requirement of T4A not needed to be produced or added to the XML file if the transactions are less than $500 in total.  
CAS-10676-Y4Y4 Online Expense Claims: EWA Setup - Corp. Card Vndr Invoice Corp. Card Vndr Invoice field has been added to the EWA Setup page.  
CAS-10336-C7Y5 Project & Grant Accounting: Project Factbox Filter Project FactBox filters have been updated to show the expected numbers for active projects.  

Finance fixes : Employee Center (WebApps)

Case Number Description  
3411 / CAS-10800-V4G3 When users re-open requisitions of other users, an incorrect 'denial' email was sent    
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