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Defects Corrected in Workforce

This page summarizes the defects in Workforce that have been resolved with this release.

Workforce fixes : NAV

Task ID Description Notes  
CAS-10485-D6B0 Employee Card - Load Details Issue A key was added to the Change Log Entry table. As a result performance on pages that have lookup to Change Entry History has improved.  
CAS-10540-G3B2 No Valid Period for Pay Cycle No Valid Period for Pay Cycle has been suppressed.  
CAS-10572-W3V7 HR Request: Blocked Dimensions Available for Selection HR Request, Dimensions are now filtering out blocked values.  
CAS-10625-H7Y7 Defaulting Amount on Details Change HR Request When effective date and calculation dates are different on HR Requests for Details Change, the system now defaults the Amount from the original position regardless of the difference in dates.  
CAS-10691-K3J9 An error on length of string when running payroll check When running a payroll check users will no longer receive an error related to string length.  
CAS-10922-M7S5 Absence Request: Non-working days not considered in days calculation Non-working days that are not weekends are now considered in the quantity calculation of the Absence Request.    
CAS-09878-W6B3 Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Integration Various issues with the OTTP integration have been corrected.  
CAS-10680-B1J9 HR Request for Hire: Assignment and Calculation Start Dates The Assignment Start Date and Calculation Start Date are no longer updated from the 
the Effective Start Date when HR Position is selected. 
CAS-10810-G3X4 Schedule Setup does not exist - Error in Payroll Journal Posting Payroll Journal Posting no longer shows "Schedule Setup does not exists" when Employee Scheduling is not used.  
CAS-10920-N2X3 Qualification Expiration Date to be calculated from the Training End Date Qualification Expiration Date is now calculated from the Training End Date, not from today's date.  

Workforce fixes : WebApps

Task ID Description  
3405, 3444 Timesheet: Problems adding new time entry lines when a new position starts in the middle of a Pay Cycle  
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