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Known Issues in this Release

This section summarizes known issues with this release.

Finance issues

Task ID Description  
3749 Customers with a large number of Employee Center users have encountered an occasional issue using Finance pages with an approval workflow (such as Purchase Requisitions and Expense Claims, for example). When this issue happens, the affected Finance pages cannot load the approver data, and the Approvers collapsible section of the page reports “No records to display.” An Employee Center user can submit the affected page for approval. An incorrect approval workflow can result, such as an automatic approval, without an error report or validation warnings. The issue is related to transaction timeouts happening with the SQL Server database. These timeouts are related to high periods of user activity and/or load on the SharePoint and/or database servers.                                                                                                                                   


The following workarounds and fixes are currently available:

  • Wait for the condition to clear. The problem is usually short-lived and will clear when load on the servers drops. Users should not attempt to move pages through the approval workflow during this time.
  • Restart the Employee Center SharePoint server. This clears the condition that leads to the transaction timeouts. This can be attempted if the issue surfaces in production. Sparkrock IT can assist with this operation if necessary.
  • Change the Employee Center configuration to increase the transaction timeouts. This solution can be used if the problem becomes frequent. Sparkrock IT can assist with this operation.

Our product development team is working on a software solution that will detect the transaction timeout and prevent users from moving the affected pages through the approval workflow. This change will be made available in a hotfix. Your Sparkrock Project Manager or Customer Support Representative can provide you with more details about timing and prerequisites for this hotfix.


Workforce issues

Task ID Description  
3638 Scheduling: My Schedule: Employee cannot review pending change requests  
3779 Scheduling: Make Vacant: Cause of Absence comment is not retained  


Known third-party issues

The following issues have been reported in Employee Web Apps. These issues are caused by third-party software such as browsers or components. Workarounds and/or potential resolutions are provided on an item by item basis, as available. 

Task ID Description  
2891 PDF attachment does not fully support XFA or AcroForm documents   
2585 Expense Claims: Problems with Print View on Microsoft Internet Explorer. For details and potential resolutions, see   
2656 Chrome: Potential browser freeze with drag-and-drop attachment from the upload (Open) dialog on Expense detail page if the pop-up file selection dialog is closed prematurely.                                                                                                                                     


The following workarounds are currently available:

  1. Do not drag and drop files directly from the file selection (Open) dialog, instead, select the desired file in the dialog window and click the dialog’s Open button.
  2. If you do opt to drag a file from the file selection (Open) dialog, do not dismiss that dialog until the green “Uploaded Successfully” pop-up message has been displayed on, and then removed from, the upper right corner of the browser window.
3365 In Microsoft Internet Explorer, there may be some focus issues with the Send By Email dialog, as a result of the popup dialog appearing on top of an existing popup. This is a limitation of this browser.  
3369 Deprecation warning from moment.js appears in the browser's developer console. This warning is benign.  
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