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List of Microsoft Application Hotfixes

Cumulative Update 8
ID Title Functional Area  
379158 A purchase order is set to Pending Approval status if the approver reopens it and sends it for approval again using a workflow even if the approver has permissions for the purchase order to be automatically approved. Administration  
379202 "This document can only be released when the approval process is complete." error message even if the approval workflow should not be activated due to condition filters on the document lines. Administration  
379302 "You do not have the following permissions on TableData Data Exch.: Delete" error message when you choose the Create Document action on the Incoming Documents page after receiving information from the OCR Service. Administration  
379516 The dimension fields and the link to dimensions are missing from the Payment Reconciliation Journal page. Cash Management  
379535 "Amount must be positive in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template..." error message when you post a check that includes a credit memo. Cash Management  
379482 A recurring general journal goes into an infinite loop on posting. Finance  
379491 "Applies-to Doc. No. must be equal to '' in Gen. Journal Line." error message if you use the Renumber Document Numbers function in the general journal and try to post the lines afterwards. Finance  
379509 DrillDown is missing from the Contact table Finance  
378354 The event subscriber throws an error message if multiple page actions have the same name. Purchase  
379123 "The following C/AL functions are limited during write transactions ..." error message if you try to delete a purchase document that is not yet posted and you use the same number series for the invoices and posted invoices. Purchase  
379478 "There is no Check Ledger Entry within the filter." error message when you use the Renumber Document Numbers function after printing checks and you try to void or issue a check. Purchase  
379142 "The Line Number Buffer already exists. Identification fields and values: Old Line Number=X." error message when you copy an existing posted invoice into a credit memo with the Copy Document function. Sales  
 Cumulative Update 9

ID Title Functional Area  
379651 If a user with no permission to post over certain limit sends an approval request by using the "general journal batch approval" workflow and then cancels it, the system allows posting over the limit to that user without any restriction. Administration  
379785 Caption ML value is missing on the REP 357 - Copy Document. Administration  
379666 If a user with enough permissions sends an approval request by using the "general journal batch approval" workflow, the system does not auto-approve the request and it still requires extra approval. Administration  
379881 "There are unposted prepayment amounts on the document type Order with number NNNNNN" error message when you approve an order. Administration  
379971 The GetSelectionFilter function from code unit 46 does not work correctly. Administration  
379598 If there is a dimension conflict in the payment reconciliation journal an error message appears which refers to an empty template name and an empty journal batch name. Cash Management  
379538 Deferred revenue or costs are registered for the receivables or the payables account instead of the revenue or cost account. Finance  
379600 Wrong total values are shown on the "Vendor - Balance to Date" report. Finance  
379670 Currency Exchange Rates Page 483 does not work if you include a default value for the "Fix Exchange Rate Amount" option field on "Curr. Exch. Rate Service Page 1650". Finance  
379723 Bank account ledger entries are open after you post a bank reconciliation. Finance  
379724 "The following C/AL functions are limited during write transactions." error message if you try to delete a purchase document that is not posted yet if you use the same number series for the invoices and posted invoices. Purchase  
379874 CRM integration default product field mappings are wrong. Server  
379806 "The Bank Account Ledger Entry does not exist." error message when expanding a deposit line and the amount is incorrect, after suggesting lines multiple times in a bank reconciliation worksheet in the North American version. Cash Management  
379661 Posting of a purchase order as Invoiced generates an inconsistency error if Canada expense or capitalize tax was originally set on the released PO lines but then the tax area code is deleted or removed. VAT / SalesTax / Intrastat  
Cumulative Update 10

ID Title Functional Area  
379892 Look-up does not work in the Web client when you add lines to RapidStart configuration templates. Administration  
380094 Export to Excel does not work when you send the Items Where-Used page to Excel while an add-in enabled because SourceTableTemporary is not TRUE. Administration  
380141 FileManagement UploadClientDirectorySilent fails over two computers. Administration    
380322 The approval entries must only be visible to the sender, the approver, or the approval administrator, not to other users. Administration  
378577 Overflow because the User Group Name field only allows 30 characters. Administration    
379617 Dead permission set after deleting a User Group assignment on a user card. Client  
379980 A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.SMTP.MailHelpers.TryGetEmailAddressFromActiveDirectory when you send mails through Dynamics NAV. Client  
380314 RFH code optimization for CRM integration. Client  
380292 Inconsistent dimension information in purchase invoices and job ledger entries. Finance  
380370 The Vendor/Item Purchases report does not display thousand decimal points in the Invoiced Quantity column. This makes large numbers hard to read. Inventory  
380033 A workflow for vendor approval does not stop posts. Purchase  
380065 Extended text lines are transferred from a blanket order to an order when they should not. Purchase  
380204 Reference to dimension values does not work correctly on list pages. Purchase  
380230 Workflow for vendor approval does not stop posting of payments. Purchase  
380200 "An error occurred while importing the XXX table. The table does not exist in the database" error message when you import a configuration package with RapidStart services. Sales  
380219 A posted invoice with a foreign-trade currency code is created with a currency value that is not associated with the CRM pricelist when integrated to CRM. Sales  
380227 Issues with expanding and collapsing lines on the Bank Acc. Reconciliation page in the North American version. Cash Management  
379986 "Index out of bounds" error message when you try to open the Purchase Order Statistics page with four or more Canadian jurisdictions in the North American version. VAT / Sales Tax / Intrastat  
 Cumulative Update 11
ID Title Functional Area  
380108 XML Buffer does not export in the same way as it imports. Administration  
380263 Sales order values are copied incorrectly from CRM into NAV via CRM integration Server  
380570 RapidStart import issue with table 7002. Administration  
380467 An error occurs when you export data to Excel worksheets. Administration  
380373 A user included in a workflow user group can approve documents over the limits set in the Approval User Setup window. Administration  
379599 When you delete multiple permission sets, the page is not refreshed as expected. Administration  
Cumulative Update 12 
ID Title Functional Area  
380693 "The type NavBoolean is unknown" error message if you create a workflow to control the changes over a boolean field. Administration  
380752 Wrong filter expression in Codeunit 1535, approvals Mgmt in the DeletePostedApprovalCommentLines function. Finance  
380753 Issues with comments in document approvals and workflows. Finance  
380591 "Amount must be negative in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name" error message when you void a payment with a credit memo involved. Purchase  
380215 CRM integration does not map the extended amount or total amount for posted invoices. Sales  
380646 CRM integration does not consider blocked or active/retired status for items and products. Administration  
380128 CRM sync may be blocked if someone updates a non-synced record. Client  
380575 "You do not have the following permissions on TableData Sales Invoice Header: Modify" error message when you use a customer license with CRM Integration. Server  
380793 Wrong entries amount when you switch to ARC on the Acc. Schedule page. Finance  
381030 Realized Gains/Loss entries are not created when you post a purchase invoice using get receipt lines created for a purchase order with prepayment in FCY. Prepayments  
380850 When you post partial deferrals, a wrong VAT amount is calculated for whole document. Finance  
380815 Wrong filter on the Sales Analysis page by dimension when you use the Show Column Name option. Finance  
380668 If you export all fields in a RapidStart package including the Dimension Set-ID field and you add a custom field, the data is not imported back correctly. Administration  
380945 It is possible to post a sales order with a dimension combination that is set to Blocked. Finance  
380976 The variant code is not validated into the purchase line when you look up into the blanket Order No. field to validate blanket order data. Purchase  
380686 Missing table relations on some tables. Client  
380763 The Action Image property is missing in the North American version. Finance  
380817 Wrong G/L entries are created when a purchase line contains a deferral code and a sales tax jurisdiction contains a tax detail using the Expense/Capitalize Sales Tax functionality in the North American version. Purchase  
Cumulative Update 13
ID Title Functional Area  
380985 False synchs could show up if CRM synch take longer, which does happen in real-life scenarios. Client  
381081 CRM tables have same the captions as normal Dynamics NAV tables. Client  
381166 Debit and credit differs between G/L and the customer or vendor ledger. Finance  
380888 "Line 10000 of the receipt NNNNN, which you are attempting to invoice, has already been invoiced." error message. Finance  
381074 The Reverse Transaction function picks an entry unexpectedly and creates too many new entries. Finance  
381067 "File contains corrupted data when you export to Excel." error message when the call to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.OpenXml.Spreadsheet.WorkbookWriter.Dispose fails. Upgrade  
381015 A sales invoice posted in Dynamics NAV becomes coupled to a non-existing CRM invoice if synchronization has failed. Client  
 Cumulative Update 14
ID Title Functional Area  
381161 Issue with file extensions for Lexmark ICS OCR integration. Administration  
381208 Issues with the Comments feature in workflows for document approvals. Administration  
381160 Repeated prompts to save the file are shown when you modify a budget in Excel. Cash Management  
381276 "Amount to Apply must not be larger than Remaining Amount in Cust. Ledger Entry Entry No.='XXX"' error message if you apply a payment in a local currency to an invoice that is posted in a foreign currency from the reconciliation journal. Cash Management  
381519 The Remove Applications action in the payment reconciliation journal does not clear the Applies-to ID field on the customer and vendor ledger entries. Cash Management  
381524 You cannot send mail from a job queue. Client  
381263 Zero posting is not allowed in a recurring journal. Finance  
381290 The G/L Dimension Overview page is not filtered accordingly when you use drill-down from the Analysis by Dimension page. Finance  
381302 The GetVendLedgerEntry function in the Gen. Journal Line table uses a wrong reference to CustLedgEntry instead of VendLedgEntry. Purchase  
381586 CRM integration creates invoices without invoice line records because products are not assigned to a price list. Sales  
381364 When you try to export the North America EFT, no error message is displayed and nothing happens if no vendor remittance is selected in report selections in the North American version. Cash Management  
381309 When a tax area code contains two or more sales tax jurisdictions by using the Expense/Capitalize Sales Tax functionality, incorrect G/L deferral entries are created in the North American version. Purchase  
 Cumulative Update 15
ID Title Functional Area  
381885 There are some problems with the comments in workflows for document approvals. Administration  
382272 The Create Missing Codes field is empty after you import a configuration package. Administration  
381986 Refreshing the Excel add-in takes a full Windows license while the Print or Send operation initially takes a background session. Client  
382285 Deferrals don't work correctly with batch posting. Finance  
382391 "The Workflow Step Instance does not exist. Identification fields and values" error message if you delete lines form a workflow and put them back in. Administration  
381663 Multiple deposit section headers and footers on the Bank Req Test report in the North American version. Finance  
381883 Error occurs with the Customer/Item Statistics report that has certain filters in the North American version. Sales  
381992 Sales Report error with country region code of CA and taxes printed on reports with French Canadian language in the American version. Sales  
381348 Canada sales tax is not rounded correctly on the Statistics page in the North American version. VAT / Sales Tax / Intrastat  
Cumulative Update 16
ID Title Functional Area  
200630 Bad performance with workflows when using the EvaluateConditionOnTable function. Administration  
202666 Bad performance with workflows. Administration  
201171 If you change the Column Layout Name field on the Account Schedule Overview Matrix page and use the Account Schedule report, the default column layout name is displayed on the request page. Finance  
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