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Maintenance Release 2016 (9.04 SP1)

This release is a Sparkrock Manage service pack. It includes functional enhancements and defect corrections for existing features for Finance and Workforce. There are changes for both the web application and for NAV.


This release is a Sparkrock Manage service pack. It includes functional enhancements and defect corrections for existing features.

NOTE: This service pack includes and requires numerous NAV hotfixes, as detailed below.



  • KwikTag objects have been updated to version 6.4.0.
  • Changed the WebApps / Employee logo area to "Employee Center".
  • NEW button on the menu that allows users to create new records directly to reduce the number of clicks on creating a new record.


  • The Training & Registration page has been converted to the new user interface.
  • Employee Scheduling is now fully integrated with Training & Registration, and also with Attendance.
    • Registered training opportunities will lock an employee's schedule so that they may not be booked for shifts that would overlap the training period.
    • Shifts that are made vacant due to an absence will create an absence record for the corresponding time.
    • Absence tracking shifts are visible to an employee in My Schedule, and to a unit supervisor in Unit Schedule.
    • Attendance plan lines can be configured to work with Employee Scheduling. The balances for shifts missed due to absence will be adjusted to deduct the duration of the missed shift(s).
  • Guidelines are available on a Schedule Unit basis, as free-form text, and are displayed on the Shift Detail page for both unit supervisors and employees.
  • Employee Qualifications can be checked by a unit supervisor when offering or filling a shift.
  • A new basic recruitment process is now available through HR Requests.
  • OTIP Payroll Import integration.


  • Deposits (Finance & Purchasing) page has been discontinued effective with this release
  • Implemented document history for Expense and Item lines on Purchase Requisitions and Payment Requests.
  • For the Expense Claims corporate credit card import, a new Microsoft Excel (xslx) import template replaces the previously used CSV template.
  • 3 digits for distance can be now used on the Expense Claims.


The following changes are included in this release:


  • Changed the WebApps / Employee logo area to "Employee Center". (3777)
  • Provided a specific error message on the Employee Center if the NAV 'Option Caption' table is not initialized. (3875)
  • Internal changes to bind access more tightly to individual browser sessions. (3886)
  • Administrators now can only link one Employee No. with one EWA User. (Ref: CAS-10974-W7H4)
  • References to EWA Deposits have been removed from the application. This module is discontinued with the current product version. (Ref: CAS-11352-Y5W3)
  • KwikTag objects have been updated to version 6.4.0. (Ref: CAS-11510-F8T0)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Resolved multiple issues with config packages. (Ref: CAS-11426-N4K6)

Serenic Human Capital Management

  • An update that implements revised Employee Count Tiers is available on request. Contact your Sparkrock customer support representative for details.

Employee Center User Interface

The entire Employee Center application user interface now has a modern look and feel. 

One self-service page was converted and enhanced in this release:

  • Training & Registration (My Self-Service)

Deposits (Finance & Purchasing) page has been discontinued effective with this release. Please contact your Sparkrock Sales or Customer Success Representative if you have any concerns about this change.

Employee Scheduling

My Schedule

  • A warning message appears on My Schedule page if the required service account is not configured. This condition will disable Shift Bids. (3909)
  • Added next shift/previous shift navigation buttons to the Shift Detail page. (3623)
    • These buttons use the set of shifts from the parent My Schedule page.

Shift Detail

  • Employees can now see the details of their pending Change Requests. (3638)
  • Activity and Payroll control now show both code and description. (3639)
  • Shift Duration now shows two decimal places. (3698)
  • Added a message to Shift Detail to indicate when an employee was offered the shift. (3649)
  • A new Guidelines text field is available on the Schedule Unit card. If this field has content, it will be displayed on the Shift Detail page in the Details section. (4017)

Unit Schedule

  • Pay Cycle period now allows two previous pay cycles to be viewed for all Pay Cycle codes. (3707)
  • A Qualifications link is available to Unit Supervisors in the details area of the employee data box when offering or filling a vacant shift. (3597)
  • Added next shift/previous shift navigation buttons to the Shift Detail page. (3623)
    • These buttons use the set of shifts from the parent Unit Schedule page.


  • Actions that change the status on shifts do not update the status on blank shifts. These are shifts created by the Schedule that do not have Start or End time or No. (214, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Actions for transferred and posted shifts are no longer active. (87, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Pending and Vacant filters no longer include blank shifts. (209, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Errors/Warnings filter now shows Work Date and Workday. (210, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Employee contact information has been added to the Unit Employees. This information is available through Show Columns. (119, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)

Attendance Management & Employee Scheduling Integration

  • Cause of Absence: when Use Schedule Quantity is checked, Hide Quantity and Show Start and End Time should be checked as well. (208, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Absence validation when generating schedule from template is no longer done against the Absence Registration table. (229, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Make vacant now uses the activity linked to the cause of absence selected. (Ref: CAS-11622-K2G4)

Other changes

  • All Employee Schedule pages now show shifts in additional states. Previously only Published shifts were visible. (4018)
    • The list pages will now display shifts which are Confirmed, Approved, Transferred, and Posted. These shifts will be display-only if the Shift Detail page is opened.
  • Display absence tracking shifts. (3641)
    • Employees can only see their own absence tracking shifts. Unit supervisors can see all absence tracking shifts for their unit.
    • These shifts are display-only if the Shift Detail page is opened.
    • The Cause of Absence comment entered in the Make Vacant dialog appears on the absence tracking shift. (3779)
      NOTE: The employee will be able to see this comment on the absence tracking shift.
  • Removed unused check box controls from the NAV Schedule Unit card. (3853)
  • Added the ability to specify the HR Base calendar on a Unit basis. (3964)
  • Pending Change Requests are now indicated on the calendar views. (4074)
  • The following dates are now updated on creating a shift on the Employee Center or confirming a shift: Published By and Published Date Time, Confirmed Date Time (238, Ref: CAS-11081-P9Q5)
  • Employee Scheduling Reminder process has been improved (113, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Schedulers can now mass validate all schedules for a selected time period. (102, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Training & Scheduler Admin Role Center: Shifts from the unavailable unit are excluded from the vacant shift calculations. (235, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)
  • Shift card can now be open from the Shift list page. (236, Ref: CAS-11041-G2P8)


Human Resources

  • Direct/Indirect Levels on Altus HR Setup now defaults to 1 and users cannot enter 0 as a value. (Ref: CAS-10975-Q6G)
  • New functionality enables K12 organizations to import benefit-related data from a file provided by OTIP into Payroll. (Ref: CAS-11012-J6Y2)
  • New basic recruitment process is now available through HR Requests. (Ref: CAS-10240-P8B2)
  • The Payroll Calc Method Line table has been modified to allow this table to be populated through Configuration Packages. (Ref: CAS-11083-Z6P2)
  • The following fields have been added to the HR Request List page (Ref: CAS-11278-M8Y8)

    • Effective Date,
    • Delegate for EWA User No,
    • Delegate for EWA User Name,
    • Delegate Entry No,
    • HR Position Code,
    • HR Position Name.
  • The following fields have been added to the HR Request page (Ref: CAS-11278-M8Y8)
    • Delegate for EWA User No,
    • Delegate for EWA User Name.
  • Report to Position has been added to the HR Position Ledger Entry page (Ref: CAS-11278-M8Y8)
  • Various updates have been done to the OTIP HRIS Export (Ref: CAS-11057-J4N9, CAS-11216-Q6P6, CAS-11271-J6L1)
  • Users can now add attachments to Employee HR Tasks when the HR Task has been manually added to the list. (Ref: CAS-11593-T5F9)


  • Resolved some minor display issues with confirmation dialogs. (3935)
  • Resolved a loading issue if the service account was not correctly configured. (3915)

Attendance Management

  • Absence & Requests: Added the ability to create a new request from the main menu (3893)
  • Attendance Approvals: Added the ability to create a new request from the main menu (3893)
  • Employee Absence table now does not generate errors when run from the development client. (Ref: CAS-11276-S8K3)
  • Absence Request List: Ref: CAS-11442-X3M4)
    • Multiple fields have been added to the Absence Request list page
    • The Calculation Type caption on Cause of Absence have been changed to Calc Type

Employee Profile

  • Improved layout
  • Added Benefit Eligibility Date
  • Added On Leave Indicator
  • Moved Pay Structure, Pay Step, and Pay Grade from the More Information dialog to the main page.

HR Requisitions

  • Added the ability to create a new requisition from the main menu (3893)
  • You can now open the detail page by clicking anywhere on the row in the Employee Center list page. The right-hand side menu control has been removed. (4088)

K12 Reporting Package

  • A new report: Section 7 has been added to our K12 reporting package. Section 7 is reporting related to Cost Adjustment and Teacher Qualification and Experience. (Ref: CAS-11564-C8Z1)


  • Deleting one line payroll journal line no longer deletes all journal lines. (Ref: CAS-11208-S0W1)
  • Multiple stacks have been added the Payroll Administrator role center. (Ref: CAS-11328-L0X0)
  • Employer Code is no longer blank when entries are pulled into the Payroll Journal. (Ref: CAS-11531-P9M8)
  • A new method step, a copy of function 22  has been created. It uses Pay Period Start Date instead of Posting Date to retrieve Employee Rate. (Ref: CAS-11450-J3R3)
  • A new method step, a copy of function 22  has been created. It uses Pay Period Start Date to determine the month and year to retrieve the Employee Rate applicable for this month only. (Ref: CAS-11594-Q5Y9)

Time Entry

  • Resolved an issue where re-using codes in different dimensions caused a display issue in the information dialog. (3486)
  • Time Entry and Absence Registration are not linked to assignments. A new filtering has been introduced that checks for active assignments and then returns the employees that have the respective value on their assignments when either time entries or absence entries are pulled into the Payroll Journal. (Ref: CAS-11415-H2S6)
  • Zero line timesheet lines when transferred to Payroll now have status Posted, instead of Transferred to Payroll. (Ref: CAS-11499-Z5B6)

Training Management

  • The Training & Registration page on the Employee Self Service has been converted to the new user interface.
  • Training & Registration now integrates with Employee Scheduling (Ref: CAS-07236-Y9V1)
  • A new field "Contact Extension" has been added to the Training Management page. The value in this field is populated from the extension entered on the Contact Employee. (Ref: CAS-11176-C9Y8)
  • Resolved issues with HTML codes in email messages. (Ref: CAS-11163-N6W0)
  • Web Services supporting the new Training & Registration page have added to EWA load standard data report.
    Note: For upgrading clients using this page, the web services need to be reloaded. (Ref: CAS-11380-J6Q7)



  • A new Boolean "Blocked" has been added to the Salesperson/Purchaser page. Purchaser Code filters on Purchase Request Lines and Purchase Order Header have been modified to exclude the blocked values from the dropdown list. (Ref: CAS-11178-P8L2)
  • Users can now view the Purchase Order archive history from Purchase Order Archive page. (Ref: CAS-11190-Q6N6)
  • A new dropdown "Type" is now visible on Item card. (Ref: CAS-11241-G7K0)
  • The Default G/L Account on the Customer is now defaulting on the Sales Invoice lines when a user selects Type = G/L Account. (Ref: CAS-11537-J2V0)
  • EFT export for RBC 1464 now supports vendors having 50-character names. The name is truncated in the export to 30 characters to support the bank format. (Ref: CAS-11398-L3Y8)
  • EFT export now generates an error when the export contains zero lines. (Ref: CAS-11299-Y6T9)
  • Posted invoices are exported correctly in Excel. (Ref: CAS-11427-D8V7)
  • Users can now view the details on the Related Posted Purchase Invoice from History when Get PO Lines or Get Receipt lines have been used to populate the Purchase Invoice. 
    Order No. on Purchase Invoice is populating from the Purchase Order on Get Receipt Lines when the receipt lines are from the same Purchase Order. (Ref: CAS-11228-S6G7)

  • User can create cash receipt for each cash receipt batch. (Ref: CAS-11455-Q7P5)

  • Clients with certain licenses are now able to make corrections to T4A fields in T4A Posted Purchase Lines and T4A Posted Credit Memo Lines. (Ref: CAS-11535-D4L5)

Online Expense Claims

  • The Employee Center list page preserves your selections for delegate, status, and search text during your session. (2559)
  • Corrected an error in the Employee Center list page's column sorting that caused unexpected results. (2558)
  • Added the ability to create a new expense from the main menu. (254)
  • On the Expense detail page, expense type now shows 3 decimal places for distance fields. (3881)
  • The following fields now support values with 3 digits after the decimal: (Ref: CAS-11113-F1G6)
    • Purchase Request Line, Gross Unit Cost
    • AEP User Expenses, Gross Unit Cost
    • Expense Type, Gross Unit Amount
    • Location to Location Quantity, Quantity
  • For the Expense Claims corporate credit card import, a new Microsoft Excel (XSLX) import template replaces the previously used CSV template. (Ref: CAS-11080-Y6B7)
    Other related fixes:
    • New AP Batch is created if there is no open Batch for the user.
    • Expenses created from the import now have the Payment Method Code populated from the EWA Setup.

Online Requisitions

  • Payment Request: Added the ability to create a new Payment Request from the main menu. (254)
  • Purchase Requisitions: Requisition Type can no longer be changed when there are item lines present. This prevents inconsistencies in the PR. (4099)
  • Purchase Requisitions, Payment Requests: Indicated the GL Account is a required field. (3730)
  • Purchase Requisitions, Payment Requests: Restored validation messages for Quantity and Unit Cost. (3731)
  • Purchase Requisitions, Payment Requests: If approvers cannot be loaded, the Employee Center will display a warning and prevent the Submit action. (3749)
  • Purchase Requisitions, Payment Requests: Implemented order history for Expense and Item lines. (1211)
  • Purchase Order:  Changed the Purchase Order Print View font to be consistent with the font used in the Purchase Requsition Print View. (4032)
  • All Finance Requests: Validate approval status updates to resolve sporadic consistency issues.
    • NOTE: This change requires a NAV object update to expose the validation function (H095). A new codeunit, 23020500 AEP Purchase Request, is exposed as a Web Service for use by the Employee Center.


  • Purchase Order emailing is now retrieving only email body text from the document that is being emailed when another user emails at the same time. (Ref: CAS-10992-K3C7)

Financial Analysis

  • Show up to 8 dimensions on the  "More Info" dialog. (4011)
  • Export up to 8 dimensions when exporting details to Excel. (4012)
  • Corrected minor display issues with the More Information modal dialog. (3718)

Browser-related changes

  • Fixed an issue with a recent release of Google Chrome that prevented some attachments to Expenses.
  • Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer which caused a focus issue with Expenses that could incorrectly alter the Cost and Purchase Location fields.

Upgrade Considerations

Customers that upgrade to this version need to consider the following:

  • Employee Scheduling: run report 92000: Upgrade Scheduling 9.04 - 9.05 that updates the statuses for the Vacant shift to exclude the Pending flag.
  • Deposits: Update menu links to exclude deposits (optional if this functionality is disabled already).
  • Training & Registration: Web Services need to be reloaded for the new Training & Registration page.
  • Corporate Credit Card Import: the standard corporate credit card import has changed. If customers are using the old one they need to decide if they want to keep what they have or move to the new format. 


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