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Maintenance Release 2016 (9.04 SP2)

Release 9.04 SP2 is a Sparkrock service pack. It includes defect corrections for existing features.


These fixes relate only to Employee Center (there are no associated NAV objects for this Service Pack).

The following changes are included in this release:

Defects Corrected in Finance

Case Number / Task Description
CAS-12761-Y9Y7 Fixed an issue where employees with user dimension combination codes configured were able to view dimensions beyond those that they should be able to access.
CAS-12870-Z4W5 US credit card transactions were being revalued at a different exchange rate than the original exchange rate as provided by the credit card company.
CAS-12071-Z2W7 Fixed a processing problem when single quotes are present in security filters. This problem would manifest as an error when submitting a Purchase Requisition.
Fixed a problem with French language calendars appearing on the Payment Request Due Date field for English-language users.

Fixed an issue selecting alternate approvers for Over Budget requisitions.

Fixed a performance problem when loading the Purchase Invoice list. 
CAS-11909-P1K6  Fixed an Internet Explorer specific issue with filters on Financial Analysis.
CAS-11984-J1R5 Fixed an issue with Receiving where the full quantity could still be received after a partial receipt. 
CAS-13907-J8L3 Fixed an issue caused by hidden dimensions when an expense line is updated including a change to the expense type or dimensions.
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