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Updates to Finance

Expense claims enhancements were a particular focus of this release.

Expense Claims


Alternate Approvers

When an employee is a manager, and their manager is set up on the EWA User Card, then the manager's manager can be selected as an alternate approver.

Approval Types

It is now possible to combine both Supervisor Approval and Budget Approval in the same approval process, instead of requiring you to choose only one or the other. Two additional options have been added to Expense Approval Type on the EWA Setup card: "Manager, Budget Category" and "Budget Category, Manager". The full set of choices is:

  • Manager
  • Budget Category
  • Manager, Budget Category
  • Budget Category, Manager

For the two new options, the order determines:

  • In the Approver collapsible section, which approver to show first
  • The sequence for emailing approvers

Distance (Mileage)

It is now possible to indicate that a distance expense is a round trip. For Location to Location expenses, when the Expense Type is Distance and Location to Location Qty is True, a new "Round Trip" check box is available on the page. When this check box is checked we will double the quantity, and recalculate the amounts. The reverse calculation happens when the box is unchecked.
Ref: CAS-11346-W7X7

The expense claim page accessible from the Request Inbox can show additional fields that display the accumulated mileage for the employee for the current and past years on Expense Claims that are either Pending Approval, Approved, In Progress or Completed.
EWA User is displaying the accumulated mileage for the employee for the current year on Expense Claims that are either Pending Approval, Approved, In Progress or Completed.
Ref: CAS-11511-R1J8


A new "Details Mandatory" check box has been added to the EWA Setup card. When set, the Details field for expenses on both Expense List and Expense Claim is mandatory.
Ref: CAS-11320-V7Q8

Maximum Allowable Amount

It is now possible to specify the maximum allowable amount for the gross unit cost of a General expense type. This amount is the maximum allowable amount for a single unit of quantity (when quantity = 1.0). When the maximum allowable amount is not specified (that is, the value is 0) it is considered that no amount limit has been set for the expense type.

When a line is a credit card line and there is a maximum allowable amount for the expense type, the user is warned is the line exceed the maximum amount, and is prompted to split the line.

A new field Max Allowable Amount has been added to the expense type. The value in this field is compared to the value in Gross Unit Cost and both amounts should be the same unless either of them is equal to zero.
Ref: CAS-11385-H0V0

Other changes

  • Categorization now displays both code and description for the Dimension. (2647)
  • Changes made to the expense header are now saved automatically. (4075)
  • Expense Claims now respects the disable delete and disable edit settings on the EWA Menu Control card (reached via EWA Profiles). (2643)
  • Expense dimensions now support type-ahead to filter the available choices. (2296)
  • The General area of Expense Claim details allows a "Type" to be specified. This field is mandatory if the PR Type is also mandatory as specified on the EWA Setup card. The field can be used to specify the purpose of the claim and for additional filtering when claims are reviewed. (4426)

Purchase and Payment

  • We have added a new check box field "Blocked" for the Purchaser Codes. When set, the corresponding purchaser code is not available in the Purchaser drop-down field for Purchase Requisitions and Payment Requests. The Blocked option will be used for Purchasers who have left the organization and should not be used on new transactions, but who are still assigned to active transactions and thus cannot be deleted from the system. (4003)
  • Local currency is shown on purchase and payment. (4265)
  • You can now search by guideline. (4266)
  • The dimension combination input box now supports type-ahead to filter the list of choices. (4267)

Fixed Assets

  • Two new fields have been added to the Location card: Full Time Equivalency and Average Daily Enrollment.
    Two new fields have been added to the Fixed Asset Card (AAM) card: SFIS No, SFIS Status. Users can now choose to associated SFIS No with an asset instead of Location.
    Ref: CAS-11700-R1C5
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